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MR Solutions to display cryogen-free MRI imaging systems at ISMRM in Singapore

MR Solutions will be displaying its latest ground-breaking preclinical cryogen-free
MRI imaging systems at ISMRM in Singapore from May 7 to 13. This includes details of
a new 9.4T cryogen-free scanner and a compact 3T system with a 12cm bore which are
coming soon. All of MR Solutions’ scanners can be fitted with integral PET and SPECT
systems to provide even better imaging results.

Based in Guildford, in the South Eastern UK, MR Solutions is the only company to
have developed a range of commercial, superconducting, cryogen-free, preclinical MRI
systems. A world leader in this technology, MR Solutions has successfully delivered
its cryogen-free 3T and 7T MRI scanners to leading research centres across the

The 3T to 7T preclinical MRI imaging system features cryogen-free superconducting
magnet technology which eliminates the need for liquid helium and reduces both the
capital and running costs. There is also no requirement for building modification
works and the scanners can be placed near other sensitive equipment as the stray
magnetic field has been reduced to a few centimetres. Another unique feature of
these MRI scanners is that the magnetic field strength can be varied.

MR Solutions will have a substantial presence at ISMRM 2016, the International
Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine’s annual conference to promote innovation
and development of magnetic resonance technologies in medicine and biology
throughout the world.

Dr David Taylor, physicist and CEO of MR Solutions said, “Delegates going to ISMRM
have already expressed interest in meeting up to discuss our multi-modality imaging
systems with additional PET and SPECT capabilities. We are really delighted to be
able to offer a system which can not only meet their multi-modality needs, but can
also incorporate power protection during utility failure to prevent system