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HIT Leaders & News presents the latest healthcare IT trends and the viewpoints of not only C-suite senior executives and IT managers, but also those of hospitals, vendors, providers, payors, clinicians, lawmakers, patients, university professors, and students as well. We place a strong emphasis upon highlighting the healthcare organizations, academic programs, conferences and recently published books and research that we believe are critical to the constant evolution of healthcare IT strategies in North America and the EU. Through our website, weekly newsletter, and webinar programs, we deliver the most thought-provoking analysis and debate suited for board rooms, classrooms and government committees.



Editorial Calendar

In short, we have no editorial calendar. We believe such artificial schedules do not properly represent the HIT trends, issues, and implementations that occur naturally in healthcare.

If you would like to submit a 3-,6-, or 12-month editorial calendar of non-advertorial content for possible publication, contact our general editorial staff at: