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Massachusetts Health Data Consortium welcomes Qlik to its Innovator Series

The Massachusetts Health Data Consortium (MHDC) today announced its upcoming Innovator Series with Qlik, a leader in visual analytics. This three-part series aims to increase awareness of how analytics has the ability to transform collaboration within a healthcare organization, better the delivery and management of patient care, and continue the growth of next-generation information workers.

Series participants will examine key building blocks for transforming an organization from one with a static report mentality to one fueled by insights gleaned from analysis. Throughout the series, Qlik will highlight organizations that have successfully used Qlik’s analytics platform to effect this transformation.

The series, kicking-off on May 17 includes:

  • “Changing the Way Care Is Delivered” – Individual provider organizations are realizing significant gains by aligning departmentally and at the organization level through a common analytics platform. And in turn, they are changing the way their organizations deliver and manage patient care.

    Using examples from NGOs and non-profits across the globe, we will show how a shared analytics platform can enable disparate organizations (think of your own departmental boundaries) to collectively share data to achieve higher ROI and reach more beneficiaries through effective data collection and analysis.

  • “A Visual Analytics Platform without Walls” – A discussion focusing on how visual analytics and reporting are only as good as the accuracy and the speed with which decision makers can move.
  • “Starting the Analytics Journey While Still in School” – A discussion describing how organizational leaders and graduates contribute to the analytic transformation through the Qlik Academic Program. Those attending will learn how recent graduates with analytics experience can impact the culture of your team.

“MHDC is delighted to welcome Qlik as an Executive Member.  Their Innovator Series is an exceptional educational opportunity for the Massachusetts health data community,” said Denny Brennan, MHDC’s Executive Director.

“Healthcare organizations around the world are using Qlik’s visual analytics platform throughout their organizations to improve patient care and streamline operational efficiencies,” said Joe Warbington, Healthcare Market Development Director, Americas. “At Qlik, we have the opportunity to truly impact people’s lives for the better through our many CSR and healthcare initiatives.”