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Learn more about advertising with us. releases API for single sign-on (SSO) and data syncing for camps, the leading electronic health record system for camps, announced the release of their public API. Through the API, camps can now leverage the free online camp registration system and electronic health record offered by to create an integrated environment for camp families.

Camps will be able to automatically push information and activity from their outside tools into their account, and pull health information back into their custom application.  An integration with the API will simplify processes for camps and decrease the time they spend on redundant administrative tasks.  

“While hundreds of camps use our for free online camp registration and electronic health record as an all-in-one system, we know that many camps have more complex needs,” said Dr. Michael Ambrose, Owner and Director of “What would normally take a camp director hours to accomplish, can now be done in seconds through our API.”  

The API will automate tedious and labor-intensive tasks, streamlining camp operations and camp medical care. Camper and staff data can be synced with the camp’s third-party database, and camps can also enable SSO (single sign-on) with their existing web portal.  The API follows RESTful design principles to ensure that it is easy to use, flexible, and reliable.

“Camps can setup integrations with outside enterprise tools like Salesforce, or may implement custom functionality with their in-house software,” said Levi Morris, a Web Developer. “We’ve had several camps beta testing our API over the last two years, and are very excited to see what our customers and outside web-developers do with it now that we’re opening it up to the public.”

Camps intersted in integrating with should visit or or contact for more information.