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Acuant partners with healthcare solutions providers Clearwave and Aprima Medical Software

Acuant, a leading provider of credential management solutions, has partnered with Clearwave, a leading patient registration and insurance eligibility solution; and Aprima Medical Software, a leading provider of innovative electronic health record (EHR), practice management (PM) and revenue cycle management solutions (RCM) for medical practices. Through these partnerships, Acuant will help service the healthcare industry by automating data intake and efficiently moving patients through the check-in process.

Acuant’s idScan allows for immediate ID verification and automated data intake when patients scan their IDs and health insurance cards. Acuant’s ID scanning solution was deployed by Clearwave to eliminate patient errors during self-service registration. The most common error made by both patients and registration staff was the incorrect data entry of the insurance member ID card. After implementing Clearwave’s registration stations with Acuant’s ID scanning solution, healthcare providers saw faster and more accurate patient intact, which resulted in fewer rejected claims. This also translates into revenue as providers do not get paid when claims are inaccurate or rejected and there are costs associated with multiple efforts to submit a claim. A hospital system that used Clearwave’s solution found that their patients spent 50% less time filling out forms, and 70% less time in waiting rooms. Patient charts were ready an average of 9 minutes before the scheduled appointment time.

“From day one, Acuant was very receptive,” said Brian Stone, CFO of Clearwave. “They took some risks with us early on, and believed in us. They are perfectly aligned with where the market is going. Their new validation services are very smart, and implementing their mobile solutions will be a game changer for the healthcare market. We’re very fortunate to have Acuant as a partner and we look forward to many more years of success.”

Similarly, Acuant’s partnership with Aprima Medical Software, a leading ambulatory EHR and PM solution, allows for an experience that optimizes the patient registration and check-in process. Acuant’s advanced card scanning solutions digitize IDs and health insurance cards using both barcode and OCR technologies. The digitized images can be stored permanently in the patient record, while insurance card data is converted to text and populated into database records.

“Allowing front desk staff and physicians to focus more on patients and less on their keyboards results in numerous benefits including streamlining interactions between staff and patient and improving customer service. As patients and staff experience fewer data entry errors and delays, stressful conversations during registration and check-in become less frequent. We’ve been extremely satisfied with the relationship. It’s a no-brainer for our clients, and makes our solutions even stronger,” said David Shaw, Vice President of Partners and Channel Sales at Aprima.

“The healthcare industry is experiencing a major transformation as more parts of the patient visitation process become automated,” said Yossi Zekri, President and CEO of Acuant. “We are excited to provide a solution that helps healthcare providers reduce wait times, improve accuracy, and deliver quality service to their patients.”

Acuant serves the healthcare industry by providing verification and authentication technology that benefits healthcare providers who work under strict regulatory requirements. Acuant’s technology captures accurate and verified data at the entry point, which leads to more efficiency in the registration process, and fewer rejected claims.