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Wolters Kluwer completes first group of data migrations for new customers converting to ProVation MD from Olympus EndoWorks

The Health division of Wolters Kluwer, a leading global provider of information and point of care solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced it has successfully completed data migrations at three ProVation MD Gastroenterology customer facilities that converted from Olympus EndoWorks in advance of its 2018 retirement. Wolters Kluwer signed agreements last year to replace Olympus EndoWorks with ProVation MD at 86 healthcare facilities.

The data migrations were conducted using the EndoWorks Export Tool developed by Olympus and licensed to Wolters Kluwer, a preferred replacement vendor. Use of the export tool in conjunction with its own proprietary data import tool enabled Wolters Kluwer to successfully migrate an average of nearly 32,000 examination records representing up to 10 years of patient data at each facility. The three data migrations were completed in less than 24 hours combined, with one migration taking just a single hour.

“The success of these data migrations is a key milestone that further solidifies our position as the leading vendor and product of choice for replacing Olympus EndoWorks,” said David A. Del Toro, President & CEO of Clinical Software Solutions at Wolters Kluwer. “Access to the EndoWorks Export Tool is a key differentiator for us as only Olympus-preferred vendors can license the utility. Using the export tool and applying our years of expertise managing clinical data, we’ve proven the speed, accuracy and value of our EndoWorks data migration methodology.”

The only dedicated structured reporting and coding solution that provides clinically relevant, intuitive software for more accurate and complete documentation of procedures, ProVation MD Gastroenterology allows physicians to efficiently capture robust detail from even the most complex procedures. It then automatically generates clear, complete procedure notes and appropriate reimbursement codes, quickly, easily and without dictation. By automatically applying the reimbursement codes and disseminating critical procedural information, ProVation MD ensures appropriate payment, reduces costs and streamlines quality reporting while improving clinical communication and care coordination.

To lessen the impact on its customers as it phases out EndoWorks over three years, Olympus identified ProVation MD and one other software solution as recommended replacements. That means Wolters Kluwer is one of just two vendors able to license an Olympus-developed export utility to seamlessly migrate data from EndoWorks to ProVation MD.

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