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Experian Health’s patient payment estimation solution added to athenahealth’s More Disruption Please program

Experian Health, the healthcare industry leader for automating, integrating and innovating the revenue cycle and patient care coordination, today announced that its new product offering, Patient Estimates, will join the athenahealth Marketplace. Experian Health has been a partner of the More Disruption Please (MDP) program since the launch of the marketplace in 2013 and has worked with athenahealth to integrate its industry-leading capabilities into the organization’s growing network of more than 73,000 healthcare providers.

“Our latest offering to the marketplace eliminates the need for manually updating price lists, which often results in outdated, inaccurate estimates,” said Scott Bagwell, president of Experian Health. “Patient Estimates enables providers to more efficiently calculate accurate estimates of authorized services for patients before care or at the point of service. This collaboration and our ongoing relationship with athenahealth underscore our commitment to redefining revenue cycle effectiveness, improving physician satisfaction and enhancing the patient experience.”

Patient Estimates is a user-friendly pricing transparency tool that enables healthcare organizations to provide a clear, easy-to-explain price estimate of services so patients can make informed decisions about their care. Estimates are generated by combining data from the provider’s insurance chargemaster, the claims history, the payer contract terms and the patient’s insurance benefits. The estimates remain in the system and can be recalled easily for future reference.

Patient Estimates also eliminates the need for manually updating price lists, which often results in outdated, inaccurate estimates. It populates insurance benefits automatically and applies self-pay, prompt-pay discounts and payment plan options. Additionally, Patient Estimates adheres to consistent pricing policies and tracks potential versus actual collections. Ultimately, Patient Estimates helps ensure that patient payments are collected up front, resulting in increased revenue and an improved bottom line.

Participating in the MDP program will allow Experian Health to spread awareness of athenahealth’s cloud-based services to clients looking for a partner that delivers proven clinical and financial results so providers can stay focused on care.

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