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MedAssets-Precyse technology platform for health information management delivers significant advancements

MedAssets-Precyse, the leading supplier of end-to-end revenue cycle services, technology and education, is pleased to announce the latest release of its SaaS-based technology platform for health information management (4.16). This release incorporates significant advancements in Analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP), and introduces precyseAudit, the next major workflow component on the platform. This release seamlessly supports the functions of clinical documentation improvement (CDI), computer-assisted coding (CAC) and auditing in an integrated fashion, facilitating and encouraging cross-function information sharing across users and departments.

The 4.16 release incorporates an advanced version of Precyse Analytics to support executive-level data visualizations for improved operations management. The system’s visualization capabilities enable measurement of current key performance indicators against organizational targets, providing meaningful views of clinical and financial outcomes. Precyse Analytics provides value to technology and/or service clients by painting a clearer and more vivid depiction of the value targets in CDI and auditing metrics utilizing trending charts, bar graphs, and other graphical elements.

All components on the integrated platform are supported by the MedAssets-Precyse unique NLP engine, augmented by through rules developed by a team of highly skilled and experienced domain professionals. The platform and NLP backbone are designed to support all activities associated with Health Information Management: CDI, CAC, Auditing, Case Management, Utilization Review, and Quality.   

The new Precyse Audit component enhances the audit teams prospective (pre-bill) and retrospective (post-bill) documentation and coding audit activities. Supporting a broad spectrum of care settings, including inpatient, outpatient and physician services, the new audit component streamlines the review process by identifying suspect cases and capturing audit findings in a simple, intuitive format.

The MedAssets-Precyse NLP-enabled platform facilitates operational surveillance to insure that clinical documentation is complete, severity of illness is accurately reflected, care protocols are correctly followed, length of stay is managed to plan, coding is accurate to withstand an audit, and quality measures are captured. The utilization of a single platform to automate these functions across both hospital and outpatient settings will reduce labor costs, facilitate information sharing, reduce redundancies and potential errors in data collections, and reduce the potential for gaps/overlaps in information gathered – all positive impacts for the provider’s net revenue realization

HIMSS 2016 Conference attendees are encouraged to stop by the MedAssets-Precyse booth (#7105) to see the latest release of the technology platform and to get a peek at works-in-progress for upcoming releases on the platform. Visitors to the MedAssets-Precyse booth will also have the opportunity to learn more about our industry leading service and education offerings