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Samsung Electronics announces collaboration with American Cancer Society and Breezie to pilot a solution that benefits breast cancer patients

Samsung Electronics America, announced today it will use its powerful and innovative Galaxy Tab devices to create custom solutions for patients battling breast cancer through a pilot program at the Athens Medical Center’s Breast Health Center in Athens, Georgia. The MyJourney Compass pilot, created by the Georgia Institute of Technology Enterprise Innovation Institute, makes customized content from the American Cancer Society available for patients on Breezie’s intuitive interface and runs on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab with the industry leading KNOX security platform.

With increased access to information and personalized care, this pilot program aims to improve the treatment experience for patients facing breast cancer.

  • Patients in the pilot will have tailored information about their specific condition pushed out to them through the Breezie interface on their Samsung Galaxy Tab device.
  • Patients can monitor their long-term health and receive information on latest therapies and medical advances with just a few taps on their Samsung tablets.
  • Patients will be able to contact and collaborate with their medical team giving family members and caregivers the peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are getting the personalized care they need.
  • Patients will also have access to all apps available through the Android store using the Breezie interface

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab devices and KNOX security platform are essential to ensuring that patients are confident about the ease of use and the security of their personal data. The American Cancer Society’s curated and easily distributable custom content will share information about treatment options, updates from an online support group, and news about the latest clinical trials on a highly personalized basis. Breast cancer patients will now have access to all of the information they need to improve their health and achieve better outcomes.

“Samsung is committed to leveraging its intuitive and leading technology to better connect patients and their providers and improve the care experience, which is especially important when facing a cancer diagnosis,” said Dr. David Rhew, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Healthcare and Fitness, Samsung. “Our collaboration with Breezie and the American Cancer Society reflects our commitment of bringing together innovative products and solutions that best address the needs of patients, providers and their caregivers.”

“The American Cancer Society is excited to collaborate with Samsung and Breezie to improve the quality of life of breast cancer patients by providing easy access to educational tools and resources as they transition from diagnosis to treatment and through recovery,” said Chuck Westbrook, Senior Vice President, Cancer Control Programs and Services for the American Cancer Society. “With this MyJourney Compass pilot program, patients will be instantly connected to personalized resources on their tablet selected specifically for them. In addition to hospital resources, American Cancer Society content including treatment options, information on managing the physical and emotional side effects of cancer, and connections to local and online resources. The Breezie will serve as a powerful tool for patients to maintain contact with loved ones and their medical team while also easily accessing trusted American Cancer Society patient information.”

“Breezie’s core strength is in driving greater engagement and adoption of technology and content by making it simple and relevant to an individual. Our solution, built over Samsung’s KNOX platform forms a critical element of delivering such person-centric care,” said Jeh Kazimi, Founder and CEO, Breezie “Through our collaboration with American Cancer Society, we aim to make navigating health information easy and seamlessly integrated into the lives of cancer patients. “

This collaboration highlights Samsung, the American Cancer Society and Breezie’s shared commitment to accelerating the deployment of patient-centric healthcare innovations. We believe this pilot has the potential to help cancer patients and healthcare providers across North America.

Security systems for personal data

To ensure top-level security for patient’s personal data, this revolutionary new program will rely on the Samsung KNOX security platform. KNOX protects data on the device hardware all the way through the application level, ensuring that all patient data is protected with industry leading security. This ensures that patients feel comfortable keeping their personal records on this platform, reassured by the knowledge that their data is protected.

Easy-to-use personalized care

This platform allows patients to get the personal care that is essential to providing comfort and resources during a difficult process. Patients will be reassured by the informative resources and easy-to-use platform.

Samsung’s ongoing commitment

This pilot program is just one step in Samsung’s efforts to collaborate with industry leaders to improve people’s everyday lives. By delivering tailored, research-based solutions, this collaboration is just one example of the many ways that Samsung brings together powerful products and advanced services for the purpose of changing people’s lives across diverse industries.