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Carestream shows benefits of image-enabling EHR systems at HIMSS conference

Carestream will spotlight its ability to deliver rapid, easy access to patients’ medical imaging studies from healthcare providers’ electronic health record (EHR) systems at the annual HIMSS conference being held Feb. 29 to March 6 in Las Vegas.

‘The EHR is a central repository for activities related to the management and clinical use of patient information. However, it’s essential to integrate an enterprise imaging platform within the EHR to deliver access to radiology, cardiology, pathology and other types of images that equip physicians with a more holistic view of each patient when making diagnostic and treatment decisions,’ said Ludovic D’Aprea, Carestream’s General Manager for Healthcare Information Solutions.

Carestream’s Clinical Collaboration Platform (CCP) image-enables an EHR using a web-based data ingestion module that searches and tags unstructured data at the metadata level and associates data with a specific patient and the type of clinical content. Unstructured data may reside in departmental systems or multiple archives and can include photos (such as dermatology or wound care), videos (such as surgery or endoscopy), documents (PDF or CCD) and ECG waveforms.

The CCP also integrates images from mobile devices and makes them readily available to physicians and other users, which can help enhance care. For example, images of trauma patients can be captured by EMTs with smart phones as they transport patients to the ER-and images of patient injuries and wounds can be captured using onsite or offsite physicians’ mobile devices.

Carestream’s Vue Motion universal viewer module has FDA Clearance for Clinical Reading on many Apple and Samsung mobile devices. This vendor-neutral viewer module can be embedded into EHR systems as a clinical tool that equips physicians to view patient medical images and documents from a variety of mobile devices. The web-based, zero-footprint browser eliminates the need for users to download an application that might require a separate log in process.

CCP also can enable telemedicine services by allowing physicians to share images with remote specialists for consultation. Increased use of telemedicine can help enhance care and be used as part of health information exchange (HIE) networks within a geographic region.

Patients also can access, manage and share their own images using Carestream’s MyVue patient portal module, which can help strengthen patient loyalty and satisfaction.

Both the Vue Motion viewer and MyVue patient portal modules are vendor-neutral and can be used with other suppliers’ PACS or EHR systems.

Carestream’s Clinical Collaboration Platform offers security, interoperability and adheres to health industry interoperability standards including the new IHE and FHIR standards.

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