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MR Solutions brings preclinical MRI imaging solutions to the Netherlands

MR Solutions will be displaying its latest cryogen free 3T and 7T preclinical, multi-modality MRI models to the imaging science community at the 11th European Molecular Imaging Meeting on March 8 – 10, 2016 in Utrecht, in the Netherlands. This is an annual event organised by the European Society for Molecular Imaging, of which MR Solutions is a member.

Dr David Taylor, CEO of MR Solutions commented: “We will be showing off our latest scanners which offer multi-modality scanning (including PET or SPECT) and better performance, all at a very competitive cost.”
MR Solutions, which is based in Guildford, UK, is the world’s largest independent developer and manufacturer of preclinical MRI technology and remains the only company to deliver a commercial cryogen free 3T and 7T range of preclinical bench top MRI scanners.

To provide the SPECT images, MR Solutions has devised a system where the four gamma camera heads and focusing collimator can be easily clipped on to the front of the bore of the MRI scanner to provide state of the art 3D SPECT images. The SPECT images can be registered with the MRI images providing anatomical-functional combined capability. The SPECT gamma camera can also be used independently.

The PET capability is provided by solid state detectors which are incorporated in the bore of the MRI scanner. The scanner combines the exquisite structural and functional characterisation of tissue provided by MRI with the extreme sensitivity of PET imaging for metabolism and tracking of uniquely labelled cell types or cell receptors. This is particularly useful in oncology, cardiology, and neurology research.

MR Solutions’ range of cryogen free, Benchtop, 3T to 7T MRI scanners with 16, 31 and 72 cm bores has become a complete game changer in the field of preclinical scanning. The technology not only provides superior soft tissue contrast and high spatial resolution, a vastly reduced stray magnetic field and all the benefits that brings but also allows the magnetic field strength to be easily varied.