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Medfusion launches new Spanish patient portal

On the heels of the rollout of its redesigned and simplified user interface, Medfusion has further enhanced its Patient Portal by going multilingual.

“Our customers wanted and needed to be able to support their patients who speak English as a second language,” said Katie Steindl, Medfusion Solution Manager. “We understand that language issues are a real barrier to patient engagement and communication, and we are committed to helping bridge that gap.”

With the new Spanish offering, all automatic messages and functionality are translated—a service provided by a certified translator. Portal invitations can be provided in Spanish, and when patients activate their accounts, the Portal is pre-set to Spanish. However, the message content to and from patients can be translated by the practice staff as desired to maintain clinical accuracy. The preferred language is remembered on the Portal from session to session and from device to device.

Medfusion’s Patient Chat service now includes bilingual support staff, who assist users online in Spanish.

“We take great pride in listening and anticipating the needs of our customers, which is illustrated in our number one ranking in KLAS for EMR-agnostic portals,” said Vern Davenport, Medfusion Chief Executive Officer. “We will continue to build out a robust and differentiated roadmap for our Patient Portal, because we feel it is the critical foundation of our customers’ patient engagement strategy.”

Note: According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the United States is home to 41 million native Spanish speakers, with an additional 11.6 million who are bilingual. By 2050, it is anticipated that the U.S. will have the largest Spanish-speaking population in the world at 132.8 million.