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Central Vermont hospital implements MEDHOST EDIS

Gifford Medical Center, located in Randolph, Vermont, and serving the central Vermont area, will implement the MEDHOST Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) to create various efficiencies, as well as streamline workflows and patient throughput across its emergency department (ED).

Hospital leadership and ED physicians were drawn to the simplicity of MEDHOST’s EDIS, as it would supplement normal workflows. MEDHOST’s EDIS will also increase Gifford’s data abstraction capabilities, allowing ED leadership to analyze the department’s performance in terms of metrics and statistics, allowing greater clarity for where processes can be enhanced for care delivery improvements.

“With a fast-paced nature, EDs need more simplicity and efficiency in order to provide quality care. As an ED physician, I quickly saw the intuitiveness of MEDHOST’s EDIS and how it could help us be more efficient in providing care in the busiest area of the hospital,” said Dr. Saul Nurok, emergency department physician and clinical director for Gifford Medical Center. “Our hospital is deeply embedded in the surrounding communities, so we needed a solution to help us more efficiently care for patients during emergencies, large and small.”

With its automated, behind-the-scenes charge capture functionality that is designed to document, capture and charge every element of care with no additional steps from clinicians, Gifford leaders saw how the MEDHOST EDIS would complement the hospital’s coding and billing. Another driving factor in Gifford’s decision was MEDHOST’s ability to automatically track the aggregate time physicians are present in the ED but not needed to provide care. As a critical access hospital, this will help support Gifford’s reimbursement efforts from Medicare.

“To utilize technology in the most effective manner possible, it’s important to find a technology vendor that understands our infrastructure. We quickly saw how familiar MEDHOST was with our needs, including physician downtime reporting, which played a role in our decision,” said Nurok. “MEDHOST’s deep knowledge and ED expertise will help us on our pathway toward meeting our clinical and financial goals.”

“EDs play a unique and vital role within the healthcare industry. The more efficiently EDs can operate, the better care they can provide, while remaining financially viable. This is why MEDHOST is invested in helping these organizations streamline processes and business operations,” said Bill Anderson, chairman and CEO of MEDHOST. “We are thrilled to partner with Gifford Medical Center and help them achieve their efficiency and patient flow goals in the ED.”