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Walgreens Healthcare clinics to implement Epic electronic health record platform

Walgreens today announced its Healthcare Clinics will soon transition to the Epic electronic health record (EHR) platform, to further enhance care coordination among providers, while also supporting the long-term growth plan for its clinic business. The move to the new EHR, EpicCare, will begin in early calendar year 2016.

“This state-of-the-industry EHR will enable more seamless communication with health systems and local providers, and gives us enhanced capabilities to deliver better health outcomes through greater care coordination and interoperability,”said Patrick Carroll, M.D., chief medical officer for Healthcare Clinics. “As our clinics play an increasingly important role in health care, supporting the health care system, provider practices and patients’ medical homes, care coordination can be critical. This will benefit our patients, clinic providers and partners, and serves as an instrumental part of our strategic growth plan.”

The platform will provide a number of benefits, including Care Everywhere – Epic’s EHR-based interoperability network. The largest in the U.S., it will connect with other healthcare organizations to securely share a patient’s medication list, assisting with medication reconciliation and review during Healthcare Clinic visits.

“We’re pleased to welcome Walgreens to the Epic family and look forward to supporting their goal of improving access to high quality, coordinated care,” said Carl Dvorak, Epic president. “With our shared focus on interoperability, Walgreens will also become a part of the nation’s largest network of care organizations securely sharing patient information with hospitals, laboratories, private practices, federal agencies, local care providers and state HIEs.”

“As we continue to invest in our retail clinic business, it’s critical to have these best-in-class intelligence tools that support our commitment to patient care, and can help position Healthcare Clinics as a strategic partner of choice within the communities we serve,” said Jeff Koziel, group vice president for Walgreens Healthcare Clinics.

Walgreens manages more than 400 Healthcare Clinic locations in the U.S., and currently utilizes its own proprietary EHR. Most clinics are open seven days a week, including extended evening and weekend hours. Online appointment scheduling is available although no appointment is required, and most health insurance plans are accepted. More than 80 percent of Healthcare Clinic patient visits are covered under some form of insurance.