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IASIS Healthcare selects Cerner for integrated clinical and financial health records

IASIS Healthcare (“IASIS”) announced today that it has selected Cerner, a global leader in healthcare technology, to implement an integrated electronic health record (EHR) and revenue cycle system across its health care provider operations, which serve over 1.1 million patients annually.

“We chose Cerner because we believe they provide a system that will enhance our efforts to provide high quality, cost-effective health care for our patients and health plan members,” said W. Carl Whitmer, president and chief executive officer of IASIS. “We also believe that Cerner will be a sustainable and scalable long-term option, which is important to us.”

The new integrated EHR and revenue cycle system is designed to lower cost and provide continuity of care across the enterprise.

“We look forward to working with Cerner to successfully implement a comprehensive EHR and revenue cycle system across various geographies. Cerner is well established with other health organizations in our regions, which will benefit providers across the continuum of care as they strive to make informed health decisions based on patients’ complete health records,” said Brian Loflin, chief information officer of IASIS.

Cerner is committed to developing integrated solutions and services to support the ecosystem of health care organizations as they continue to evolve.

“Cerner’s systems and solutions are designed to meet the clinical and financial needs of health care systems large and small today and in the future because health care is too important to stay the same,” said Zane Burke, president of Cerner. “We look forward to working with IASIS to implement an EHR platform that continues to meet the challenges of our consistently changing health care landscape.”