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AHIMA unveils services to help healthcare organizations move information governance forward

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) unveiled two new Information Governance (IG) services that will help healthcare organizations implement IG, a strategic imperative for the the healthcare industry.

IG PulseRate and IG Advisors showcase AHIMA’s continued commitment to advancing information governance in healthcare. IG PulseRate™ will provide organizations with a web based tool to self- assess, at a high level, their IG adoption maturity. IG Advisors™ will offer expert consultation with a variety of IG services including implementation services and gap assessment.

“The quality and integrity of information is essential for safe, effective care for both the health of individuals and populations,” said AHIMA CEO Lynne Thomas Gordon, MBA, RHIA, CAE, FACHE, FAHIMA. “We’re excited to be at the forefront of establishing IG in healthcare. By providing these services, AHIMA is setting a standard and mobilizing the healthcare community to continue its progress.”

AHIMA announced the new services at the association’s 87th Annual Convention and Exhibit in New Orleans.

“Reliable data and information are central to addressing the many challenges this industry faces and governance of our information to assure that reliability has become an imperative”, said Deborah Green, RHIA, MBA, AHIMA EVP and Chief Innovation and Global Services Officer. “AHIMA’s release of products and services for IG self-assessment, benchmarking, guidance, training and consulting will help organizations to launch and mature information governance programs and ultimately leverage the value of information while minimizing information risks, assuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and aligning governance of information with the organization’s strategy.”

IG PulseRate

IG PulseRate is a web-based free program that employs achievement markers across key areas of IG organizational competencies to produce a high level indication of their IG adoption maturity. Organizations are encouraged to go back to IG PulseRate quarterly to track their progress. IG PulseRate scores the organization’s IG adoption maturity on a scale of one to five.

IG PulseRate is the precursor to a robust information governance guidance solution that will be available from AHIMA in early 2016.

IG Advisors

IG Advisors is a consultng and implementation service provided by AHIMA that assists organizations in assesssing their IG Adoption Level and establishing a strategy for advancing their IG maturity.

IG Advisors services include these and other tailored consulting and coaching services:

  • Implementation services
  • Gap analysis and assessment
  • Deficiency remediation
  • Custom consulting
  • Customized onsite / virtual training
  • Validation of AHIMA IG Level 5 adoption maturity

In addition to these services, AHIMA has developed multiple resources including the Information Governance Principles for Healthcare (IGPHC) and a toolkit sharing best practices and resources for starting and implementing IG within an organization.

For additional information on IG PulseRate and IG Advisors visit