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The Ottawa Hospital Transforms Patient Experience with Citrix

The Ottawa Hospital sees more patients than any other medical network in Canada. And to ensure they have a world-class experience from the time they are admitted through their procedures and release, the top-ranked medical institution has gone digital. Using solutions from Citrix Systems, The Ottawa Hospital has built a Digital Health Network through which it can provide clinicians and staff with simple, secure and reliable access to the systems and applications they need to provide the exceptional care the more than 1.2 million patients it serves have come to expect. And for its efforts, it has been recognized with a 2020 Citrix Innovation Award for Partners.

“Seeking medical care can be frustrating for patients as they often have to provide information multiple times because teams in different locations across a hospital network lack consolidated access to their records,” said Shafique Shamji, Executive Vice President and CIO, The Ottawa Hospital. “Our goal is to eliminate this frustration by providing our physicians and staff with unified access to the resources they need – when and where they need them – to deliver superior, patient-centric care.”

And it’s relying on solutions from Citrix to achieve it.

“Patient-centric care is a common goal, but it’s difficult to achieve without a common platform,” said Shamji. “With Citrix, we now have this platform.”

And the hospital is using it to:

  • Provide access to the applications employees need and prefer to use, including 300 EPIC applications, from any hospital or remote location connected to the Digital Health Network.
  • Simplify and secure sharing of sensitive information through single sign-on spanning 16 different domains
  • Accelerate its digital transformation by transitioning critical on-premises applications to the cloud.

“With Citrix in place, we can make important patient information accessible to support timely, informed clinical decisions and care plans in a highly secure and reliable way,” Shamji said.

It can also accommodate the new realities of healthcare being driven by the global pandemic, such as remote work and telemedicine.

“When COVID-19 hit, we were quickly able to equip our teams to work from anywhere without disruption and support the telemedicine model that is transforming healthcare delivery,” Shamji said.

The Ottawa Hospital joins more than 400,000 companies and healthcare organizations around the world who are using Citrix solutions to transform the employee experience and power a better way to work that benefits their customers and their business.