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TigerConnect Unveils TigerTouch to Align Providers, Patients, and Health Systems Together on a Single Communications Platform

TigerConnect, provider of healthcare’s most advanced, reliable, and widely adopted clinical communications and collaboration (CC&C) platform, today announced a series of major product enhancements to be showcased at the 2019 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Symposium event in Orlando, Florida. Topping the list of product rollouts from TigerConnect is the proprietary “TigerTouch” solution, which enables health systems to communicate directly with patients through video, voice, and text.

As patients become more active participants in their own care, the ability to communicate with physicians, nurses, case managers, and home health caregivers is critical in a modern health system. Organizations that connect caregivers and patients will invariably see improvements to key metrics in areas like outcomes, patient safety, cost reduction, and staff satisfaction.

“Our largest health system customers have been asking how they can include patients in the ‘care conversation.’ TigerTouch gives health systems the ability to engage patients on their mobile device in a HIPAA-compliant way,” said Brad Brooks, co-founder and CEO. “Our vision is to become the communication fabric across every large health system, beyond just the acute care setting. Those that adopt our platform now have the ability to provide better care, streamline operations, and save millions in avoidable costs, while making physicians, nurses, and patients happier.”

Virtualizing Care From the Inside Out

Unlike most patient engagement solutions on the market today, where conversations are primarily initiated by the patient, TigerConnect takes a different approach. With TigerConnect, healthcare providers can now collaborate amongst themselves and bring the patient into their workflow at the right time with the right information, ensuring patients and family members remain educated and informed before, during, and after a procedure, hospital visit, or during transitions of care.

“With hospitals scrambling to control costs, care teams and specialists distributed across a health system, and a mobile-savvy patient population demanding a more convenient care experience, the need for virtualized care has never been greater,” said Will O’Connor, MD and CMIO at TigerConnect. “As the pioneer in healthcare messaging, TigerConnect is uniquely positioned to solve the challenge of extending care to wherever the patient is situated.”

TigerConnect’s three-pronged approach includes TigerTouch, where care teams can loop the patient or family into a mobile chat or video conversation; virtualized nurse call, where nurses can respond from anywhere in the hospital to bedside requests, and virtual rounding, which allows care team members who can’t be present at the bedside to coordinate on healthcare treatment decisions.

TigerTouch Brings Patients into the Care Conversation  With the introduction of TigerConnect’s TigerTouch product extension, the care practitioner can engage directly with a patient or the patient’s family in a secure, hospital-branded mobile conversation without the friction of downloading an app or visiting a portal, thus increasing the likelihood of reaching the patient. The patient and provider can exchange messages, including photos, videos, and file attachments. This direct patient communication holds enormous potential for improving care quality while being more economic for a health system by:

Lowering Readmission Rates – Strong post-op follow-up through secure text messaging to check on patient recovery can help lower readmission rates and improve the overall patient experience.

Increasing Proper Pre-Op Preparation – For complicated pre-op prep, like a colonoscopy, patient communication through text message can greatly increase show rates and reduce patient anxiety through education and close care team oversight.

Improving Population Health Management – More frequent communication to a patient’s preferred device can improve overall population health management. This can include medication reminders, after-care follow-ups, status updates, appointment reminders, and more.

Virtualized Nurse Call Remotely Connects Nurses to the Bedside  More and more health systems are looking to enhance or even replace their existing nurse call systems with a communication platform fit for 21st century mobile communication. TigerConnect is introducing functionality that integrates with any nurse call system to allow a nurse or care team member to receive, route, and respond to bedside nurse calls and patient alerts. This communication saves enormous time while improving the patient experience.

Virtual Care and Rounding Brings the Entire Care Team to the Patient – By introducing an easy-to-access and easy-to-use group video capability, TigerConnect brings the concept of virtual care to reality. Whether a patient is in a hospital room, an urgent care center, or at home, care team members can participate in group video sessions or text-based conversations to collaborate, share information in real time, and reach consensus around treatment options.

TigerConnect will showcase new enhancements at the HIMSS19 Global Conference & Exhibition (February 11-15 in Orlando, FL), booth #6348.