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Greenway Health declares focus on chronic disease management through provider-patient interaction for next decade of service and growth

Greenway Health, a provider of advanced health information solutions, has announced a refreshed brand that more closely aligns with its innovations in service, connectivity and improved health as the pillars of its drive towards empowering and linking providers, patients and payers in a value-based environment.

“Healthcare in America is undergoing major transformations in reimbursement, data collection, reporting and information sharing to connect care and improve outcomes,” said Greenway CEO Tee Green, “while the health of Americans continues to decline due to the rise of risk factors and chronic conditions such as obesity and diabetes. Unfortunately, the current delivery system does too little to enable providers to better connect care and to equip the emerging healthcare consumer in more actively participating in his or her own care to break this cycle of suboptimal health.”

The next chapter of healthcare

The long-time CEO noted that Greenway has spent the past three decades partnering with providers to empower more efficient, effective care through smart technology solutions. Today’s Greenway Health serves more than 75,000 providers in nearly 10,000 organizations, touching the lives of an estimated 100 million-plus persons across the U.S.

“Now, we’re focusing on the next chapter of healthcare — rebuilding the vital link between patients and providers to improve health outcomes,” said Robin Hackney, Greenway Health Chief Marketing Officer. “It’s a lofty goal, but one that we take very seriously; we’re executing with a focus on providing the best service to our customers, connecting healthcare organizations to the information they need to treat patients, and enabling patients as healthcare consumers to fully engage in their care. We’re summarizing those efforts in our new tagline: Serve. Connect. Care.

The core tenets of Serve. Connect. Care.

More than a simple tagline, the phrase encompasses three tenets at the heart of Greenway Health’s mission and commitment:




          Greenway Health’s first priority is to serve providers, empowering them to deliver exceptional care for their patients — essentially, helping Greenway’s customers more effectively serve their customers. This is evidenced through the company’s advocacy on behalf of its customers in federal regulatory issues including meaningful use and ICD-10, as well as leadership in industry initiatives such as fostering cross-vendor interoperability standards. Greenway has also implemented a 5-point service pledge and new service options that enable customers to receive Greenway support when and how they want it.



          Greenway Health believes that data is the fuel behind productive, efficient patient care, and continues its industry leadership to break down barriers to information exchange between systems and healthcare stakeholders. This ranges from Greenway being a founding member of CommonWell Health Alliance, the first ambulatory EHR vendor to join the eHealth Exchange, and only one of three HIT companies in the new Surescripts National Record Locator Service. Greenway has also launched its own innovative Interoperability University program to train the connectivity experts who will lead the industry into the future.



          Together with providers and industry partners, Greenway Health is working toward ushering in a better tomorrow, where preventive services — rather than emergency ones — are the predominant form of health services, where chronic conditions are better managed, and all care is better coordinated and delivered in the most cost-efficient and convenient setting possible. Again, strengthening the provider-patient relationship and enabling patients to more fully engage in their own health are critical to this goal.

“These tenets are being reflected in everything Greenway Health does, from our innovative technology services and software to our customer service-minded culture,” Green stated. “You’ll even see them represented in our new logo — three green paths, one for each core tenet, connected by a destination locator icon, a symbol of our role as a guide in the journey to the future of healthcare.”

A thirst to improve health

Greenway is already firmly on an innovation path through new and enhanced cross-platform solutions that transform data into valuable insights to operationalize best practices, improve care coordination and enable better clinical, financial and satisfaction outcomes.

“Building on the strengths of our existing solutions, these are the innovation platforms that will enable us to deliver world-class services to our customers, and enable them to deliver world-class healthcare to those they serve,” CEO Green noted. “The Greenway Health team has a thirst to improve health, and these are just some of the things that excite us as we look to the next decade.”