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Atlanta’s Piedmont Healthcare to advance accountable care with Health Catalyst Data Warehouse and Analytics Platform

Health Catalyst, a provider of healthcare data warehousing and analytics, and Piedmont Healthcare have partnered on a strategic initiative to improve the health of patients using a new data-driven approach to quality and performance improvement.

Health Catalyst’s Late-Binding Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and Analytics will help leaders and clinicians at Piedmont Healthcare reveal clinical and operational insights from the terabytes of data collected across the organization’s five hospitals and more than 75 primary care and multi-specialty locations. The EDW creates a “single source of truth” with powerful analytics apps that transform its data trove into information that is critical to the success of Piedmont’s accountable care organization (ACO).

An ACO is a network of hospitals and doctors that coordinate patient services on a pre-arranged fee schedule while agreeing to absorb cost overruns.

“Successful ACOs must be able to measure their performance against at-risk contracts, manage and optimize their provider networks, identify and minimize variation in evidence-based practice, and satisfy multiple other data-centric requirements of the accountable care process,” said Ronnie Brownsworth, MD, Chief Executive Officer of Piedmont Clinic. “We are confident that Health Catalyst will enable us to meet these requirements and deliver better healthcare more cost-effectively for our patients inside and outside of the ACO.”

Piedmont’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Leigh Hamby noted that a significant part of the Health Catalyst agreement concerns the company’s proven service offering, based on decades of performance improvement experience in other health systems. Health Catalyst will help Piedmont to organize multidisciplinary teams of physicians, nurses, IT specialists, administrators and finance experts who will “use the new data-driven insights we expect to get from the EDW and analytics applications to enhance the quality and efficiency of care delivery” across the health system, Dr. Hamby said.

“We are grateful to have been selected by Piedmont to help advance the science and process of quality and performance improvement,” said Dan Burton, CEO of Health Catalyst. “Piedmont’s commitment to enhance its quality and drive efficiencies is a clear testament to their devotion to delivering the best outcomes for the patients of their communities.”

Health Catalyst’s healthcare-specific EDW is built using a late-binding architecture proven to deliver quick time-to-value and flexibility for the changing nature of healthcare data. The data warehouse and content-driven analytics applications can be quickly adjusted to answer pressing questions in minutes instead of the days or weeks required for most decision support tools and processes. Once implemented, opportunities for care improvements will be at the fingertips of Piedmont’s clinicians and administrators, leading to better quality at lower cost.