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NovoPath Dashboard provides “real-time” views of lab data so managers can identify operational bottlenecks before they become problems

NovoPath, announces the addition of the NovoPath Dashboard to its NovoPath Anatomic Pathology Software Platform.  The Dashboard provides lab managers a quick and reliable, at-a-glance view of operational data, enabling them to monitor progress, anticipate bottlenecks and avoid potential problems throughout the lab.

“Having the ability to monitor operational efficiency in real-time is crucial to a lab’s success in today’s time-pressed anatomic pathology environment,” notes Rick Callahan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for NovoPath. “Typically, labs deal with problems after they negatively impact efficiency.  With the NovoPath Dashboard, the lab manager can proactively monitor the pulse of the lab and make needed adjustments to eliminate bottlenecks and maximize efficiency.”

Callahan points out that critical statistical information is available in an easy-to-read, graph or chart format for a quick visual overview.  “NovoPath is designed based on a deep understanding of anatomic pathology workflow and offers a broad range of flexible features that help pathologists and labs function efficiently,” adds Callahan.  He notes that the deployment of modules such as the NovoPath Dashboard will help in positioning a lab to succeed in the ever-changing laboratory environment.