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First ever hands-free ultrasound device for pain relief is now offered in the United States

NanoVibronix, a medical device company, announces its presence in the United States. Created in Nesher, Israel, NanoVibronix has brought the first ever hands-free ultrasound therapy device, the PainShield MD, to the United States. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted them 510K clearance to market PainShield MD, to treat pain. PainShield MD is the first hands-free, patch-based device, that allows for an entirely new dimension in ultrasound treatment of pain and soft tissue healing. For decades, ultrasound therapy has been acknowledged as a valuable tool for pain relief and tissue healing. Using our advanced technology we can now bring this same therapeutic benefit to patients in their own homes. The PainShield MD consists of a disposable patch connected to a portable reusable driver that propagates therapeutic ultrasound waves to the desired area of the body.

NanoVibronix President and CEO, William Stern, PhD, stated, “PainShield MD, which implements our unique low frequency, low intensity ultrasound platform, is the first product from our pipeline to be cleared for marketing in the USA and represents a major milestone for NanoVibronix. We have created a platform that changes the way pain, the most common medical complaint, is managed. Our simple-to-use, portable device can treat pain locally including trigeminal neuralgia, chronic pelvic pain, tendonitis, musculoskeletal disorders, and post operative pain.”

“We are excited to spread the word to U.S. physicians and their patients about PainShield MD and what the device can do for pain management,” said Lindsey Harrison, Director of Sales for NanoVibronix. “Patients now have an option for pain relief in the convenience of their own home, even while performing their normal activities. The hands-free feature allows patients access to technology that was never before available outside of a clinical setting.”