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ResMed acquires CareTouch, a resupply solution for the home medical equipment industry

ResMed announced it has acquired CareTouch, a provider of internet-based solutions and therapy-focused resupply programs for home medical equipment providers (HMEs). CareTouch enables healthcare providers to efficiently provide patients the personal attention, equipment and supplies they need to maintain therapy without interruption.

“With this acquisition, ResMed is further helping HMEs streamline communications with their patients about ongoing therapy needs,” said Raj Sodhi, President of ResMed’s Healthcare Informatics Global Business Unit. “Because the CareTouch portal offers personalized and targeted communications between HMEs and patients, they are able to easily stay in touch with, build, and manage their patient populations with customized therapy-focused outreach.”

Personalization and efficiency

The CareTouch 360 portal enriches the patient-provider relationship by:

  • Managing and monitoring their patient populations in one easy-to-use solution
  • Providing live, multi-lingual call center contact with patients via their preferred mode of communication
  • Checking therapy adherence, taking orders, handling payments or collections, and providing customized reports.
  • Enabling HMEs to customize patient engagement protocols for both automated and live call center outreach

“We are thrilled to join forces with ResMed, a global powerhouse in data-connected solutions for HMEs serving patients with sleep apnea and other related respiratory conditions,” said CareTouch Chief Executive Officer Matthew Dolph. “Our team is excited to start a new chapter as part of ResMed. Together, we will offer more complete and valuable solutions for HME providers and their patients.”

As part of the acquisition, CareTouch will be rebranded ResMed ReSupply. CareTouch employees, including Chief Executive Officer Matthew Dolph, have joined ResMed’s commercial team in the Americas.