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DataMotion introduces new API program for healthcare enabling developers and integrators to capitalize on booming EHR interoperability and encryption markets

According to industry research, healthcare’s need for improved efficiency, service delivery, patient safety, communication between patients and providers, as well as patient access to information, will push the global electronic health record (EHR) market to $29.81 billion by 2022. At the same time, continued data breaches and increasing compliance regulations have made protecting data a foremost concern of executives, with projections for the global encryption software market alone to grow from $1.85 billion in 2014 to $4.82 billion by 2019.

To help developers and integrators capitalize on these opportunities, DataMotion has announced a comprehensive, new API program enabling scalable, fast and easy integration of its Direct Secure Messaging and SecureMail services into third party solutions and services.

DataMotion is an email encryption and health information service provider (HISP). The company’s success in healthcare comes from the flexibility of its cloud-based platform and fully interoperable, agnostic nature. DataMotion is able to deploy its secure delivery solutions to the widest range of clinical workflows. This includes DataMotion Direct Secure Messaging, which allows healthcare providers, patients and health systems to send and receive protected health information (PHI) in a manner that meets Meaningful Use requirements, complies with HIPAA and enhances health information exchange. It also includes the company’s SecureMail portfolio of encryption services to secure email, file transfer and workflows.

The new DataMotion Web Services API Program offers an in-depth set of APIs including:

  • DataMotion Direct APIs for use in healthcare applications and services where the “Direct” standard messaging protocol is required;
  • DataMotion Direct HPD APIs to integrate a Healthcare Provider Directory into an application user interface and workflow;
  • Email encryption services APIs to integrate secure messaging and file transfer into business process applications and workflows;
  • Provisioning APIs for automated service provisioning and on-boarding of new tenant and individual user accounts; and
  • Administration APIs for enabling secure messaging service administration, including password reset, adding or deleting users, and utilizing Single Sign-On (SSO) for tenant administration.

The DataMotion API Program provides extensive opportunities for healthcare and enterprise IT departments, independent software vendors (ISVs) and managed service providers (MSPs) to integrate security into their applications. For instance, MSPs and ISVs can use provisioning and administration APIs to easily establish new customer accounts, add users and manage their SecureMail customer base. ISVs and developers can embed email encryption and secure file transfer services into workflow applications where documents contain sensitive information and are shared. Healthcare and enterprise IT developers can secure moving data within their existing processes to enhance patient care capabilities, workflow efficiency, improve security compliance and more.

The DataMotion API Program also features an industry-leading set of developer tools, resources and support that ensures easy and successful integration. Highlights include:

  • Software Developers Kit (SDK):
    • Multiple language support, with sample code for programming languages C#, Java, Visual Basic (VB.Net) and PHP.
    • SDK Technical Reference Manual with technical specs and uses of the SDK in a working environment.
    • SDK Demos for each programming language, providing a working sample application with documented source code to demonstrate implementation.
  • Pre-production Sandbox Environment: Features the full range of DataMotion solutions and services. Leveraging the DataMotion platform in the cloud, developers can create, test and preview applications to immediately unlock business value. The Sandbox is self-contained and does not include any customer personal data. All information is protected with enterprise class encryption, with information transmitted to and from the Sandbox protected by secure and encrypted channels.
  • End-to-end Support: From pre-integration consulting to ongoing expert engineering guidance, DataMotion provides start-to-finish integration and developer support.

“Healthcare’s move to EHRs, mobile apps, electronic communications, and a need for proven technology for securing PHI, has never been higher,” said Bob Janacek, CTO of DataMotion. “The ability to rapidly meet market demand with Direct Secure Messaging and encryption offers a major competitive advantage. The depth of our APIs, tools and support is unmatched, and through our new program, enables application developers, integrators and MSPs to quickly carve out new market share that will continue to grow in the years ahead.”