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New products, new imaging technology at AOSSM

At the upcoming American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM) conference, Carestream Health and Quantum Medical Imaging (a division of Carestream) are showcasing new products, software and technology in development that can address the demanding needs of orthopaedic and sports medicine care providers.

Designers working with orthopaedic, sports medicine specialists on new cone beam CT System
Carestream is partnering with top orthopaedic and sports medicine specialists to design a new cone beam CT (CBCT) medical imaging system for capturing images of patient extremities including knees, legs, feet, arms and hands. Ongoing clinical studies focus on the advantages of CBCT technology in the diagnosis and treatment of knee injuries. The CBCT system used in this study is INVESTIGATIONAL and NOT AVAILABLE FOR COMMERCIAL SALE.

These studies will help guide Carestream’s development of new CBCT systems that can: offer excellent visualization of bone and soft tissue; capture weight-bearing images of knees, legs and feet; use less radiation than traditional CT; are compact and affordable; and could be used in a wide range of facilities.

Fully integrated DR rooms provide flexible positioning flexibility   
Both Quantum and Carestream offer room-based digital radiography (DR) imaging systems—sold direct by Carestream and through Quantum’s network of approved dealers— that address the demanding needs of orthopaedic care providers. Fully integrated DR rooms offer ceiling- or floor-mounted systems that include a wall stand and table. Wireless CARESTREAM DRX detectors can be placed in the wall stand and table (as well as tabletop) to offer flexible patient positioning. These systems incorporate advanced operational and ergonomic features that can enhance productivity and minimize the need for patient movement. An elevating, float-top table accommodates patients up to 650 pounds and can be easily raised and lowered when there is limited patient mobility.

Quantum offers a DRivesystem that features DR hardware and software designed for general radiography of anatomy, using a unique image processing system and proprietary flat panel detector technology. It is intended to replace X-ray film and/or CR cassette-based radiographic systems for all general purpose diagnostic procedures.

Wireless detectors capture high-resolution images that deliver detailed diagnostic information required by orthopaedic surgeons and other orthopaedic and sports medicine professionals. Advanced software can automatically stitch together two or three images of a spine or leg and produce a final long-length image in minutes.

In addition, wireless DRX detectors can be shared with other DRX-based imaging systems at a facility to enhance productivity. Carestream’s X-Factor design offers flexibility and redundancy by enabling each detector to work with all other DRX systems within a provider’s environment.

Carestream also offers ORTHOVIEW Orthopaedic Digital Templating software for use with its Vue PACS that enables surgeons to perform pre-operative orthopaedic templating.