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Maine Hospital chooses MEDHOST to help drive revenue

Millinocket Regional Hospital has partnered with MEDHOST to help improve emergency department (ED) operations and financial performance by implementing the MEDHOST Emergency Department Information System (EDIS). The 25-bed Maine hospital is relying on MEDHOST’s easy-to-use EDIS to enhance provider communications and help improve care and the capture of proper charges for the emergency care the hospital delivers.

The hospital’s head of nursing – already familiar with MEDHOST – believed that the intuitive MEDHOST EDIS would generate value with its automated, behind-the-scenes charge capture designed to document, capture and charge every element of care with no additional steps for clinicians.

“The ED is our front door, with 87 percent of inpatient admissions originating there, so our emergent care has to be the best it can be. As a best-of-breed solution, MEDHOST’s EDIS will help us better recognize medication interactions, help reduce the chances for documentation errors, and measure benchmarks, such as wait times and throughput,” said Jason Fugleberg, RN, BSN, Vice President of Nursing for Millinocket Regional Hospital. “You can’t charge what isn’t documented, so beyond the clinical benefits, we believe that implementing the MEDHOST EDIS will give us a significant boost toward meeting our financial goals. We quickly saw the two-fold benefit of increasing documentation with the MEDHOST EDIS.”

The MEDHOST EDIS was specifically designed for the ED’s unique operational workflow and care needs. Featuring a customized patient tracking screen that mimics the ED’s floor plan, the EDIS also offers visual, real-time alerts to keep clinicians better informed of each patient’s status, which can help improve Millinocket’s ED staff communication, overall care and clinical outcomes.

“Having a member of the Millinocket Regional Hospital leadership team recommend MEDHOST based on past experiences is the highest compliment we can receive. It underscores our success helping facilities not only better deliver care, but to also improve their own financial health,” said Craig Herrod, President of MEDHOST. “We are proud to work with Millinocket Regional Hospital because they’re so passionate about using healthcare technology to deliver the best care possible.”