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BridgeHead Software announces a MEDITECH hospital VNA upgrade program

BridgeHead Software announced the VNA Upgrade Campaign, a new program that allows hospitals to leverage their existing investment in BridgeHead Software to quickly and cost effectively upgrade to HealthStore, a next generation VNA solution. With HealthStore, BridgeHead’s MEDITECH customers can quickly realize full VNA functionality and begin the path to broader scale interoperability.

Combining both licensing and services in a single package, the BridgeHead program makes it easy and affordable for hospitals to upgrade their existing MEDITECH SCA or MEDITECH ISB/IDR environments to the latest version of HealthStore.  As a result, hospitals can:

  • Establish a data repository that simplifies MEDITECH’s access for things like images and other clinical content, all via standards such as XDS and HL7;
  • Expand the protection of data beyond the MEDITECH system to other healthcare data types;
  • Publish their own data for independent access by other applications;
  • Achieve a more complete Electronic Health Record;
  • Collaborate with others by providing data interoperability across a healthcare enterprise.

“Our customers want to bring images into view through the EMR and, today, that can be a challenge for a number of reasons, not least of which is keeping track of multiple PACS systems and clinical application refreshes,” said Mike Ball, senior vice president, BridgeHead Software. “HealthStore provides a single point of integration for the MEDITECH EMR and brings not only the PACS images into view but data from multiple other applications across the Enterprise.”

The first truly independent clinical archive, BridgeHead HealthStore offers a single, easily-accessible and standards-based software repository for all healthcare data. It enables hospitals to standardize access to key elements of the patient record while simultaneously freeing them from dependence on any single system to locate the information. BridgeHead’s HealthStore manages the information lifecycle of data across the entire healthcare enterprise, both clinical and non-clinical – whether within a hospital, medical facility or across organizations.