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Oracle enables mobile content delivery innovation with Documaker Mobile

Oracle introduced Oracle Documaker Mobile, a new product that enables businesses to produce the same content for print and for device-responsive mobile delivery. This new offering enables businesses to use content and business rules created for paper-style output in new device responsive documents designed for delivery to mobile devices.

Oracle Documaker Mobile enables businesses to deliver highly interactive documents that are searchable, easy to navigate, and responsive to mobile devices. Businesses have traditionally delivered complex documents to their customers using print delivery or electronic images of the same print formatted output. With this new solution, businesses can build on existing business rules for content selection, provide mobile context to existing paper-style content, while reusing and reformatting print page-styled content into mobile device responsive documents to meet growing consumer demands for anytime, anywhere access for information. Oracle Documaker Mobile leverages industry standards and industry standard tools outside of Documaker to create and style documents designed for mobile delivery.

“The proliferation of mobile options has crossed all generations from teenagers to octogenarians and the new hyper connected consumer is demanding 24/7 instant access to traditionally paper-based content. Financial services companies, insurance carriers, and healthcare payers all are looking to address the ever increasing demand for delivering content on any device,” said Srini Venkatasanthanam, Vice President Insurance Products, Oracle Insurance. “Documaker Mobile addresses this need and much more to help companies that are currently struggling with delivering highly regulated content that is viewable and actionable across any device.”

Oracle Documaker Mobile leverages the new Oracle Documaker Enterprise Edition 12.4.0—an enterprise-class foundational component for content delivery—and enables digital output of insurance content such as explanation of benefits, quotes, rate comparisons, and contracts while adhering to open international industry standards. The Documaker user interface is now available in nine languages in addition to English: Dutch, German, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish. Further, users can create the new Adobe XFA fill enabled PDFs to include field validation and formatting, expanding Oracle Documaker’s customer-centric omni-channel approach to comprehensive customer communication.

“At Allianz Life we needed an advanced and flexible solution for interactive correspondence and document distribution for our customers,” said Troy Hamlin, life vice president of IT application development, Allianz Life. “We selected Oracle Documaker Enterprise Edition for Documaker Interactive and Document Factory and are extremely pleased with the product’s architecture and performance.”