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Predixion software takes advanced analytics to the edge for the Internet of Things market

Predixion Software, a developer of cloud-based advanced analytics software, announced the release of Predixion Insight 4.5, which adds powerful functionality to drive better business outcomes from the flood of streaming data produced by the Internet of Things (IoT). Predixion 4.5 is the first advanced analytics platform that enables analytic models to run directly on-cloud, on-gateway and on-device, so organizations perform real-time analytics and automated actions close to the edge, where it matters most.

Predixion Insight is uniquely suited for IoT implementations due to its patent-pending Machine Learning Semantic Model (MLSM) technology which provides “predict anywhere” flexibility – the ability for advanced analytic packages to be embedded directly into a variety of production environments, including applications, databases, complex event processing engines, or even directly onto a connected or disconnected device. Unlike traditional analytics tools, which struggle with the speed and volume of streaming data, Predixion Insight can analyze “data in motion” on the edge. Predixion Insight 4.5 further refines this advantage by launching features including the Deployment Assistant in Insight Explorer to allow users to create their own web-based applications (in Java, R, C#, SQL and Javascript) for instant and easy-to-use applications that put the power of advanced analytics into the hands of end users. 

“The value of IoT-connected machines will only be realized if organizations can understand and leverage the data they produce,” said Jamie MacLennan, CTO, Predixion Software.

“Predixion 4.5 allows users to create value from the data generated from the IoT by efficiently deploying advanced analytics in any modality to improve operations, reduce costs, enable richer customer experiences, and improve patient care.” 

“What Predixion has done to simplify the deployment of advanced analytic models into production environments is outstanding. But the ability to enable on-device deployment is a real game-changer,” said Oliver Downs, Chief Scientist at Globys. “Getting advanced analytics on the edge to take action is the ultimate payoff of big data and the Internet of Things, and Predixion makes that possible.” 

In addition to the patent-pending MLSM at the heart of Predixion’s technology, Predixion Insight 4.5 delivers the following new capabilities for users:

  • Quickly deploy predictive analytics with the new Deployment Assistant, which generates source code and facilitates deployment of the MLSM package to the device, gateway or cloud.
  • Extend analytics to the edge by supporting common devices and environments including Raspberry PI and OSGi.
  • Efficiently deal with data dynamics from the IoT with runtime data shaping on device.
  • Achieve greater accuracy from advanced analytics with new Predixion-implemented algorithms optimized for IoT use cases.
  • Collaborate across teams by sharing models and results over the web, email, and       social media.

Predixion Software will be showcasing Predixion Insight 4.5 at this week’s IoT World Conference in San Francisco on May 12-13 in booth # 351.