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Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation enhances operations and patient care with enterprise EHR solution from MEDHOST

After implementing MEDHOST’s comprehensive, integrated clinical and financial solutions for its enterprise needs, Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation reports streamlined clinical workflows, enhanced clinician communication and further strengthened patient care and safety initiatives.

Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation, an 80-bed, medical rehabilitation hospital in Pomona, New Jersey, replaced its in-house developed electronic health record (EHR) with the enterprise EHR from MEDHOST. The hospital cited a smooth MEDHOST implementation and a high rate of clinician adoption as key contributors to its care coordination enhancements.

“MEDHOST’s support team really fueled our implementation success. As experienced clinicians, they understood the unique nature of medical rehabilitation, playing a significant role in our clinical team quickly getting up and running on the system,” said Diane Mohr, BSN, MBA, CRRN, Chief Nursing Officer for Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation. “With the MEDHOST EHR, patient care is more easily documented, offering greater visibility into each patient’s status so we can better coordinate next steps in the care process.”

The hospital’s vendor-selection team included hospital and IT leaders, physicians and nurse managers; they chose MEDHOST because its integrated solutions were designed with rehabilitation hospitals in mind. Bacharach also found value in the flexibility of the MEDHOST solution’s customization capabilities.

“Being able to quickly and easily customize the clinical and financial solutions on our own really set MEDHOST apart. This functionality enables us to adjust the system so it dovetails more closely with our hospital’s specific workflow,” Mohr said. “Once implemented, the benefits of MEDHOST were immediately apparent. For example, I can now start placing orders and charting almost immediately, and we can all work in parallel and see each other’s documentation in real time. MEDHOST significantly complements our mission of providing patient-centered care.”

With its deep healthcare experience, including a wide variety of clinicians on staff, MEDHOST understands the need for giving healthcare providers an interactive, intuitive solution that fits within clinicians’ normal workflow.

“Rehabilitation hospitals don’t want to force a one-size-fits-all EHR into their workflow, which is why MEDHOST developed technology that is highly flexible and fits the unique clinical and financial challenges of rehabilitation facilities,” said Craig Herrod, President of MEDHOST. “MEDHOST is very pleased to partner with Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation and support its ongoing strategy of applying the best healthcare technology to deliver the best patient care.”