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Spok announces availability of notification alerting on Apple Watch

Spok announced the availability of message notifications on the Apple Watch wrist wearable device to enable clinicians to enhance care coordination. The Spok Mobile secure texting app is currently used by numerous hospitals to give users quick access to the organization’s directory, allowing staff to communicate securely through encrypted text, image, and video messages. In addition, the app can receive alerts from patient care, nurse call and other monitoring systems to speed response to critical situations. Already a leader in clinical mobile technology, Spok currently provides flexible communication options for a range of devices, now including the new Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch gives Spok Mobile app users the ability to receive message notifications today. Now users will know when they have new messages without having to access their iPhone.  In the coming months, additional capabilities will be added to further facilitate the incorporation of wearables.

“Our early in-house integration with wearable devices has shown that wearables can enhance the workflows that already exist with smartphones,” said Vincent D. Kelly, President and Chief Executive Officer of Spok Holdings. “We see this combination of phone and wearable as something that will push the envelope of communication methods in modern healthcare.”

Spok focuses on providing solutions to support how clinicians want to manage and communicate patient information. This includes the incorporation of new wearable technology, which is poised to have a big impact on healthcare communication processes in the future.