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Doctor Evidence Brings Valuable Health Data to IBM Watson Ecosystem

Doctor Evidence, a clinical health research data provider, announced a content partnership with IBM Watson to contribute valuable clinical cancer research content to Watson’s oncology solutions and developer ecosystem. The partnership is part of IBM’s work to help the medical community advance patient-centered care through its new Watson Health unit.

To date, IBM’s Watson for Oncology solution has ingested nearly 15 million pages of medical content, including over 200 medical textbooks and 300 medical journals. Doctor Evidence brings more than a decade of experience in rigorous evidence-based medical methodologies and technologies to the Watson Ecosystem. The organization will contribute 2 million additional data points from highly structured, peer-reviewed content, including thousands of clinical papers, conference proceedings, abstracts on remissions, patient survival cases, epidemiology, and drug label data from the U.S. and Europe. This medical information will be added to Watson’s existing corpus of health data that includes content from partners such as the American Society of Clinical Oncology,, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, among others.

“New streams of data represent the fuel that powers Watson and informs the many partner apps and services created today to help improve people’s health,” said Stephen Gold, Vice President, IBM Watson. “Our partnership with Doctor Evidence will enable practitioners to apply Watson in ways that provide new insights and discoveries as they continue to advance personalized healthcare.”

“Our oncology data contains valuable information that could truly help doctors provide personalized treatment options to their patients,” said Robert Battista, CEO and co-Founder of Doctor Evidence. “By integrating our data with the Watson Ecosystem and Oncology Solutions, we hope to make that information more actionable for clinicians, and we look forward to seeing how app developers will leverage the high-quality clinical evidence we supply.”

Data provided by Doctor Evidence will also enhance Watson ecosystem partners’ ability to build oncology related apps. Members of the Watson Ecosystem are bringing a variety of apps to market designed to address issues across the healthcare spectrum, from personal health management, to genomic-based health advice, to dermatology and multiple sclerosis. Developers and entrepreneurs building Watson apps have the option of leveraging their own curated data as a corpus of knowledge for Watson, or drawing from corpuses of data in the IBM Watson Content Marketplace.