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Making goals reality

Steve Liu, Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Ingenious Med
Hart Williford
S. Hart Williford, Chief Executive Officer and President, Ingenious Med

Last month we launched “The Right Side of Healthcare” (RSOH) Tour. In some ways, this tour has been 17 years in the making. In other ways, however, it is the beginning of a brand new journey. What we consider the RSOH has been at the core of everything we do from day one. But this year, we’re taking that message to the people. Here is how it all came about it from our Ingenious Med Founder and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Steven Liu, aka the Entrepreneur, and Chief Executive Officer and President S. Hart Williford, the Implementer.

Entrepreneur’s perspective from Dr. Steven Liu

So our definition of the RSOH comes out of our commitment toward enabling health systems on their journey from volume to value. We have a big focus on lowering costs through improved patient care. The RSOH is something that we have focused on right from the beginning of the company — since ’99.

Healthcare has obviously changed over the past 15 years, but one of the core principles of our company was founded on a particular tenet. We didn’t call it the RSOH back then, but that’s really what it was. Everyone in our company knows our mission — we want to create outstanding, useable solutions that help providers become successful so they can focus more time doing what they love, improving the lives of their patients.

We have about 5.8 million lives going through our solution every year. That’s one in every six U.S. hospitalized patients where we are at the point of care, the point of action, the point of decision and really the point of value essentially. Because of our mobilized platform, we’re embedded in the clinician workflow. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to capture information, process it in real-time and give it back to the clinicians, providing them with actionable information that truly changes behavior. That’s why we have such incredible cost-reduction results improving all of the inefficiencies in healthcare.

Given our incredible footprint with clinicians and patients, we understand the impact we can have. We feel a great responsibility to truly shift the industry nationwide toward reduced costs and improved care.

That’s where we want to be and where we want our clients to be. That’s the Right Side of Healthcare.

Implementer’s perspective from Hart Williford

To take our efforts to the next level, we have launched the RSOH Tour. Our bus, the RSOH Express, is our attempt to go out to the market and help them to address the urgent need of improving quality of care. Now that we’ve allowed everyone to come into the health system, the inclusivity of all Americans, which every developed country in the world has done, we really have to address quality of care or lowering the cost of care through improved quality. That is where we play as a company. That’s our market.

We came up with an idea of potentially doing a users’ meeting and bringing physicians and care teams into Atlanta to show them what we do. But that’s very difficult. Then we decided that maybe we’ll go out to the market and offer regional users meetings. But, in the end, we came up with this idea of going out individually to health systems and spending time with them.

I had seen the Mercedes-Benz bus at one of the Inc. 500 meetings. Mercedes is a big sponsor of that event. I had seen the Mercedes Autobahn at those events a few years back. I really liked the idea of an Autobahn. So then we thought, “Why don’t we wrap one of these Autobahns,” which is basically a Mercedes bus fitted out internally by Airstream. It looks like a Learjet inside, with wood grain everywhere and leather seats. We thought, what if we automated that and made it a solutions center, had a big screen TV up front and put iPads on all six seats in the back for our customers? We could pull out the awning and have a couple of demo stations there. Then we would pull up to health systems across America and share with them what we intend to do from the RSOH.

That is really what this tour is. We’re going across America — 50,000 miles, with stops all along the way. We’ll have this bus as part of our tradeshow booth. We’ll take it to J.P. Morgan. We’ll take it to all of our investors/limited partners’ events. We’ll take it to kick-offs when we are implementing large accounts. That is the idea, and that is what we intend to do.

You know we have won the market at the point of care, or the point of action, as Steve called it. It’s game over there. We have nine of the 10 largest health systems on our platform, and it’s real-time healthcare.

Now, we’re doing real-time messaging. We’re driving right up to the health systems and knocking on their doors. This is literally where the wheels meet the pavement, and we make our goal of lowering costs through improved healthcare a reality across this nation.