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HHS Announces Increased Marketplace Enrollment Trends with Nearly 4.6 Million New Plan Selections Since Open Enrollment’s Start

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released a new monthly National Marketplace Open Enrollment report shows that, so far, nearly 4.6 million Americans have signed up for 2022 health coverage through and State-based Marketplaces since the start of the 2022 Open Enrollment Period on November 1. The assistance from the American Rescue Plan continues to drive affordability and accessibility of health coverage with the number of consumers getting coverage for $10 or less per month after tax credits nearly doubling compared to this time last year.  Ninety five percent of consumers in states are receiving premium tax credits to lower the cost of their monthly premiums.

“We will keep saying it: health care in America should be a right, not a privilege. The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to making life-saving health care accessible and affordable for everyone who needs it,” said Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra. “Today’s report is proof that our efforts are yielding results. Thanks to our unprecedented outreach campaigns and investments from the American Rescue Plan, millions of people across the nation are gaining health insurance with lower premiums and more choices than ever. We will continue working to get more people covered throughout the remainder of the Open Enrollment Period.”

Consumers, including returning customers, who choose one of the many quality, affordable plans on by December 15 and pay their first month’s premium will receive health care coverage starting on January 1. State-based Marketplaces also have similar deadlines in December for consumers to obtain January 1 health care coverage.

“Affordability continues to drive enrollment during this Open Enrollment period, and we are excited to see so many individuals and families taking advantage of the many affordable and quality plans available,” said CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure. “We want to encourage people who are uninsured or those who want to change coverage to visit by December 15 so they can receive health care coverage next year.”

So far during this Open Enrollment Period, consumers have made 3.9 million plan selections in the 33 states using the platform and 625,000 plan selections in the 17 states and the District of Columbia with State-based Marketplaces for the 2022 plan year.

Marketplace and Consumer Type Cumulative 2022 OEP Plan Selections
Total: All States 4,572,318
           New Consumers 923,256
           Returning Consumers 3,649,062
Total States 3,946,945
           New Consumers 797,169
           Returning Consumers 3,149,776
Total SBM States 625,373
           New Consumers 126,087
           Returning Consumers 499,286


2022 Marketplace Open Enrollment Period Plan Selections by State (New Consumers and Actively Returning Consumers)
State Platform Cumulative 2022 OEP Plan Selections
Alaska 8,966
Alabama 75,609
Arkansas 25,389
Arizona 60,696
California SBM 309,584
Colorado SBM 45,893
Connecticut SBM 17,863
Delaware 10,759
District of Columbia SBM 852
Florida 1,220,238
Georgia 260,452
Hawaii 7,186
Idaho SBM 7,393
Iowa 26,982
Illinois 101,475
Indiana 51,410
Kansas 38,728
Kentucky SBM 4,898
Louisiana 30,153
Maine SBM 13,820
Maryland SBM 20,810
Massachusetts SBM 22,555
Michigan 102,362
Minnesota SBM 10,566
Missouri 79,719
Mississippi 52,932
Montana 16,592
North Carolina 236,193
North Dakota 10,717
Nebraska 37,005
Nevada SBM 16,089
New Hampshire 15,902
New Jersey SBM 30,002
New Mexico SBM 7,203
New York SBM 40,851
Ohio 86,487
Oklahoma 53,386
Oregon 52,379
Pennsylvania SBM 50,376
Rhode Island SBM 1,506
South Carolina 110,538
South Dakota 15,314
Tennessee 86,668
Texas 747,860
Utah 111,344
Vermont SBM 1,695
Virginia 106,141
Washington SBM 23,417
Wisconsin 86,685
West Virginia 7,953
Wyoming 12,725

This Open Enrollment Period builds on the momentum of the 2021 Special Enrollment Period (SEP) – PDF, which allowed approximately 2.8 million people to newly gain access to affordable health care coverage through and State-based Marketplaces; 2.1 million who enrolled in states for 2021, and 738,000 who enrolled in 2021 State-based Marketplaces ahead of the 2022 Open Enrollment Period.

All consumers shopping for health insurance coverage on — even those who currently have coverage through the Marketplace — should enroll or re-enroll today by logging in to and or by calling 1-800-318-2596 to fill out an application. To find local help or to be contacted by a Marketplace-registered agent or broker, please visit, Consumers who select plans after December 15 and by the January 15 Open Enrollment deadline will generally have coverage starting February 1.

Consumers in states operating their own Marketplace platform can find information about available plans and prices, how to obtain in-person or virtual help, and news on local events by visiting or calling their state’s Marketplace. State-based Marketplace enrollment deadlines and other information are available in the State-based Marketplace Open Enrollment Fact Sheet – PDF.