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Ontario hospitals join partnership to deliver seamless patient care with MEDITECH’s Web EHR

Located in Ontario, where 58 percent of hospitals are using MEDITECH‘s Electronic Health Record (EHR), Markham Stouffville Hospital, Southlake Regional Health Centre, and Stevenson Memorial Hospital announced a new partnership to integrate their Health Information System (HIS) and accelerate the adoption of MEDITECH’s 6.1 Web EHR across all three organizations. Over the next year, Southlake and Stevenson will implement MEDITECH’s latest platform which will be hosted by MSH, a current customer for over 25 years and first in Canada to implement MEDITECH’s Web Ambulatory solution.

“The MEDITECH system creates the opportunity for a shared patient record across all three organizations, meaning regardless of where the patient receives care, the clinicians have real-time access to the patient’s health information,” Jo-anne Marr, president and CEO at MSH said. “This partnership offers a number of benefits to our community; it creates the opportunity for a common patient record, it enables us to optimize our staff and financial resources, and it showcases our expertise and innovation for healthcare IT.”

The first-of-its-kind since the start of the province’s new eHealth 2.0 guidelines, a blueprint set forth to help healthcare organizations collaborate and exchange health information, the historic and strategic partnership will enable all three sites to improve the quality of care and patient safety with seamless care coordination across the continuum.

“This partnership clearly aligns with the goals of eHealth 2.0,” Dr. Dave Williams, President and CEO at Southlake Regional Health Centre said. “We’re out there at the forefront. What’s unique about this partnership is a common patient record. We’re truly doing something that enhances system integration and provides value for not only patients but providers as well.”

In addition to improving patient care and the overall patient experience, the partnership will increase physician productivity with an integrated EHR across all points of care.

“MEDITECH brings a wealth of experience that helps solidify all three organizations through the same EHR platform,” President and CEO of Stevenson Memorial Hospital, Jody Levac said. “This particular project allows us to address the disparities that occur in small to rural hospitals. Many of our patients can’t access specialists or consultants. A single EHR across the three institutions allows our patients to get access to high quality care that could never be possible without this type of partnership.”

“When healthcare organizations share a single, modern system, we see substantial benefits to patients in the community,” MEDITECH Associate Vice President of Marketing, Christine Parent said. “MEDITECH is proud to play a key role in accelerating EHR adoption and driving quality care, and we’re excited to see future results of this long-term partnership.”