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Missouri Launches Pioneering Statewide Digital Health Initiative to Transform Crisis Response and Behavioral Healthcare

The Missouri Behavioral Health Council (MBHC) announced a partnership with Chorus Innovations to transform behavioral health care across the state through a tailored technology solution. Working in close coordination and collaboration with the Missouri Department of Mental Health and crisis service providers across the state, this coalition will create MOConnect, an innovative digital platform integrating behavioral health assessment, crisis response, and referrals, setting a new standard for statewide coordinated care.

A New Era for Crisis Response

MOConnect will digitally transform the state’s behavioral health crisis care continuum. It will streamline coordination and support communication between 988 crisis lines, mobile teams, Behavioral Health Crisis Centers, and post-crisis referral networks, empowering providers with up-to-date information sharing.

The impact is crucial: Missouri’s 988 Lifeline answered over 58,000 calls from October 2022 to October 2023 (according to data reports), highlighting the urgent need for a streamlined technology-driven solution. MOConnect will not only digitally transform crisis care coordination for the over 6 million people of Missouri, but also serves as a model for other states seeking to improve care coordination across their behavioral health systems.

A Unique Approach to Adaptable Technology for Health

MOConnect leverages Chorus’ unique approach to behavioral health technology that utilizes their flexible platform paired with a participatory approach to adapting and tailoring tools alongside the organizations that will use them. Placing individual and community needs at the center of technology innovation in this way enables MOConnect to be uniquely responsive to Missouri’s needs.

Key Features of MOConnect:

  • Crisis Response Hub: Empowers coordinated responses to calls, texts, and chats, optimizing crisis dispatch, for consistent and timely support.
  • Referral and Resource Network: Connects those in need to vital support services with real-time availability, bridging critical gaps in care.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Provides a secure platform for data analysis, to inform decision-making and enhance care quality across the state.

“We are incredibly excited about our collaboration with Chorus Innovations. The MOConnect platform will be instrumental in supporting the crisis response teams and connecting the statewide crisis system to ensure no Missourian falls through the crack during their time of need,” said Brent McGinty, President/CEO of the Missouri Behavioral Health Council. “This partnership is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence that puts the needs of Missourians first and creates critical efficiencies for the crisis teams who respond in those times of need.”

“MOConnect marks a turning point in the way technology can be used across a state to coordinate between organizations and improve health,” said Chorus CEO, Armen Arevian, MD, PhD. “The adaptability and emphasis on collaboration across organizations ensures it will meet the unique and evolving needs of Missourians.”