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Serving Patients and Communities Through Comprehensive Care Solutions: OSF HealthCare, Pointcore, and GE HealthCare Enter Strategic Care Alliance

GE HealthCare announced a collaboration with OSF HealthCare, an integrated health system caring for patients throughout Illinois and Michigan, and Pointcore, Inc., a healthcare management and non-clinical shared services company, to help increase clinical and operational efficiencies, standardize care delivery models and improve patient outcomes across OSF HealthCare. This alliance will leverage GE HealthCare’s expertise and innovative technology and Pointcore’s decades of experience managing nonclinical matters for hospitals and clinics. It will also support the Mission of OSF HealthCare to deliver exceptional care to patients in the communities they serve. 

“In the rapidly changing world of healthcare, this strategic collaboration between OSF HealthCare, Pointcore and GE HealthCare means that we can ensure our Mission Partners (employees) have the right technology at the right place at the right time, fundamentally changing the way we deliver care to over one million patients each year,” said Jim Mormann, Chief Executive Officer of OSF HealthCare Integrated Solutions and Pointcore, Inc. “It is in direct alignment with our Mission to serve with the greatest care and love to all the communities we have been called to serve and aims to allow our patients to have access to the best care possible.”

The agreements stand on two key pillars and will deepen OSF HealthCare, Pointcore and GE HealthCare’s combined focus on:

  • foundational alliance that includes investment in new technology systems, digital tools and resources, service and support across a variety of care areas including nuclear medicine, oncology and radiology. A new intersection between Pointcore and GE HealthCare will drive Healthcare Technology Management services and provide excellence in the management of OSF’s medical equipment across their ministry. 
  • new approach to investment in innovation that uses advanced analytics to streamline capital management and allow OSF HealthCare to reinvest in care for patients. As a part of this approach, OSF HealthCare will be one of the first healthcare systems in the United States to implement GE HealthCare’s new version of Digital Expert Access with remote scanning, the first FDA 510(k)-cleared device to enable remote patient scanning on GE HealthCare Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) devices. This new technology can bridge multiple locations, users, and devices remotely and allow technologists to share knowledge and make decisions quickly, reducing wait times and care disruption for patients. 

OSF HealthCare, Pointcore and GE HealthCare expect to explore ways to scale their approach to drive greater access to personalized care for more patients. The alliance will concentrate on enhancing precision care in oncology by identifying clinical and technological opportunities that can help accelerate integrated cancer care at OSF HealthCare. The parties will work together to build pathways that deliver precise, personalized care for patients through customized solutions in radiation oncology and Theranostics for diseases like prostate cancer.  

“The most critical goal of this collaboration is increasing access to quality care for all patients no matter where they are,” said Catherine Estrampes, President and CEO, U.S. and Canada at GE HealthCare. “OSF HealthCare, Pointcore and GE HealthCare are doing this together through integrated technology, digital solutions, advanced analytics and dedicated clinical and operational specialists. The work of our combined teams will help enable OSF HealthCare to standardize care across their system and empower their Mission Partners to focus on their patients and communities.” 

The agreement is the result of extensive collaboration between OSF HealthCare, Pointcore (and its predecessor, St. Francis, Inc.) and GE HealthCare across many initiatives such as improving the delivery of healthcare technology management and advancements in diagnostic imaging technology. Collaboration activities will begin in the Spring of 2024 with the launch of the OSF HealthCare Cancer Institute in Peoria, Illinois.