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Ascension Cybersecurity Event Update

“Ascension continues to make progress towards restoration and recovery following the recent ransomware attack. We continue to work with industry leading forensic experts from Mandiant to conduct our investigation into this attack and understand the root cause and how this incident occurred. In parallel, we have brought in additional cybersecurity experts from Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 and from CYPFER to help supplement our rebuild and restoration efforts. We are focused on getting systems back up and running as safely and as quickly as possible. We are also working on reconnecting with our vendors with the help of our recovery experts. Please be aware that it may still take some time to return to normal operations.

Our priority remains providing quality patient care and relaying up-to-date information when available as we work through this recovery process. Please continue to refer to this website page along with the regional update pages for more information. We encourage anyone seeking information surrounding the incident or with questions about the operational status of Ascension facilities to visit this page for the latest updates.

As we continue to progress in these recovery and restoration efforts, we want to express a sincere thank you to our patients and community for your patience and support through this difficult time,” an Ascension spokesperson said.