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C-COMM: HIMSS New Non-Acute Care Digital Maturity Model

To meet the needs of non-acute healthcare, HIMSS is launching a newly modernized digital maturity model, Community Care Outcomes Maturity Model (C-COMM). The latest addition to the suite of HIMSS Digital Maturity Models will be introduced at the 2023 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition, recognized as the global standard of digital healthcare innovation, strategy and education.

C-COMM measures digital maturity of care delivery across all community-based environments, such as primary care, virtual care and telehealth, maternal and child wellness, and mental health. C-COMM also provides a strategic roadmap to build a person-centric health ecosystem for digitally connected, safer care for our entire life span. C-COMM is a modernized rendition of the Outpatient Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model, which measured digital maturity of outpatient clinics. 

“The majority of the world’s population seek their health services outside the traditional hospital setting,” said Toni Laracuente, HIMSS Sr. vice president, global head of analytics. “C-COMM is an important addition to the HIMSS Analytics suite of digital transformation maturity models, and a critical success factor for health systems to provide consumer friendly, convenient, digitally connected access to healthcare services, with improved patient engagement and experience, at home or in our communities.  

“C-COMM also significantly improves health equity for vulnerable populations and supports the HIMSS vision, to realize the full potential of every human, everywhere,” Laracuente said.  

As healthcare systems experience increasingly stretched workforce and financial resources, a C-COMM informed digital care strategy improves provider efficiency, productivity, and access to valuable information when making treatment decisions with the patient and family.

C-COMM leverages data and digital transformation of community care for all non-acute care delivery environments via the digitally connected health ecosystem. It focuses on wellness, illness prevention, and the use of technology to help manage chronic disease at home and keeping patients out of the hospital.

C-COMM advances the HIMSS mission to realize to reform the global health ecosystem through the power of information and technology. It joins the HIMSS suite of Analytics Maturity Models, which provide strategic frameworks for healthcare organizations to build their digital health connectivity, capability and capacity.