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Amazon Clinic is Now Amazon One Medical’s Pay-Per-Visit Telehealth Service

Amazon One Medical now offers customers two ways to get convenient, high-quality health care: Pay-per-visit telehealth for 30+ common conditions (like pink eye, the flu, or a sinus infection), or Membership where customers pay a monthly or annual fee for on-demand virtual care, easy booking of same and next-day appointments at One Medical offices, and a differentiated primary care experience.

Amazon wants to make it dramatically easier for customers to secure the care they need to get and stay healthy, and one of the primary ways we’re trying to do this at Amazon is by providing customers with care options that work best for them and their life. A year and a half ago, the company introduced Amazon Clinic, a pay-per-visit telehealth service available on and the Amazon app. Customers tell Amazon they love using the service to quickly get care for conditions ranging from pink eye, the flu, or a sinus infection to urinary tract infections, eczema, or seasonal allergies. Today, the company is changing the name of the service from Amazon Clinic to Amazon One Medical Pay-per-visit, and they are improving it by making per-visit pricing even more affordable and reducing the number of steps it takes for customers to start a visit on and in the Amazon app.