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Continuous Temperature Monitoring: A Much-Needed Upgrade to Manual Temperature Checks

The availability of technology for continuous temperature monitoring presents an opportunity to remove the human element from temperature taking, thereby reducing error and improving patient safety. Current inpatient care relies heavily on vital sign measurement to monitor for clinical deterioration. Temperature is one of the four primary vital signs and aids in assessing common complications, like sepsis–a leading cause of in-hospital death (Rhee).

Research Needs Robust Data: The CDC Utilizes the PINC AI Healthcare Database

Three years into the COVID-19 pandemic, and the “new normal” continues to see a steady stream of variants and subvariants. Currently, the more contagious BA.5 omicron subvariant is causing a spike in infections, and, according to the CDC, COVID-19 hospital admissions are on the rise, putting a strain on those impacted hospital staff and resources across the nation.

VitalConnect Announces Investment from HCA Healthcare to Accelerate Commercial Growth and Create Strategic Partnership

VitalConnect, a leader in remote and in-hospital wearable biosensor technology, announced the completion of an investment funded by Health Insight Capital, the investment arm of HCA Healthcare Inc., one of the nation’s leading healthcare providers. The investment will go toward further accelerating VitalConnect’s rapidly growing cardiac monitoring business segment while advancing key Remote Patient Monitoring of individuals who have experienced heart failure (HF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and sepsis, among others. This funding support is expected to help VitalConnect continue bringing the most advanced technology to patients and providers.

UnityPoint Health achieves early success with LogicStream health clinical process improvement solutions

MINNEAPOLIS – August 15, 2017 – LogicStream Health announced today that UnityPoint Health® is already realizing the impact of its Clinical Process Improvement solutions on core initiatives, less than three months after implementation. The West Des Moines, Iowa-based health system is leveraging LogicStream to optimize its electronic health record (EHR) and understand its current EHR […]

Five ways effective use of alerts helps improve patient safety

Written by: Jennifer Knapp A hospital’s team of respiratory therapists had trouble keeping up with STAT orders. Sometimes the orders were buried within patient records in the EHR. Often the therapists couldn’t access the EHR for hours while engaged with a patient or on a transport. Occasionally they missed orders altogether. The hospital realized that […]

How clinical decision support fills gaps in clinical data for higher quality care

As long as the healthcare industry lacks true interoperability among dissimilar systems, clinicians will have incomplete patient information at the point of care. This includes gaps over time, as when a clinician is unaware of imaging tests already completed, and gaps across care team members who record documentation in separate systems. Both types of gaps […]

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White Papers This is a dedicated area where visitors can access and download various white papers. Pavlov Media White Papers How does modern communication infrastructure aid clinics? The success of a clinic depends on many factors, including a dedicated staff, fully functional equipment, and a communication system. READ How 5G is changing the medical landscape […]

The Promise of a New Beginning: On the Call with Ginny Kwong, MD, Vice President, Chief Medical Information Officer, Halifax Health

In a previous set of interviews with Jim O’Brien, MD, MSc, Vice President of Quality and Patient Safety, Ohio Health Riverside Methodist Hospital and Stephen Claypool, MD, Medical Director, POC Advisor, Wolters Kluwer, we learned about the ravages of sepsis and how POC Advisor’s electronic surveillance and alerts assist in sepsis detection.   To continue our “Countdown to […]

Iatric Systems launches Analytics on Demand, giving healthcare providers timely clinical quality data for value-based care

Iatric Systems, today launched Analytics on Demand. This new analytics solution helps healthcare organizations transition to valuebased care by rapidly delivering clinical and financial data needed to achieve incentives and avoid penalties, all while positively impacting patient care. Analytics on Demand includes pre-built dashboards, deploys quickly, and immediately delivers key decision-making data in both ambulatory […]

The power of real-time clinical intelligence in infection and disease control

The statistics are staggering: Every hour, every day, 136 people in hospitals are affected by sepsis, 82 contract a Healthcare Acquired Infection (HAI) and 217 experience a preventable Adverse Drug Event (ADE). Imagine the impact on patient outcomes and population health if clinicians knew – right away – when a patient had sepsis, CDiff, MRSA […]