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Immunization Integration Program’s Next Set of Priorities Selected to Improve Immunization Interoperability and Information Sharing

The Immunization Integration Program’s next set of priorities have been selected to improve immunization interoperability and information sharing, to begin in 2023. The program is a collaborative partnership between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Immunization Registry Association and HIMSS.

The IIP convenes a diverse group of leaders to improve immunization interoperability and health IT immunization capabilities. The group includes clinicians, electronic health record market suppliers, immunization information systems, public health, health information exchanges and other key partners.

The IIP Executive Committee announced three areas of focus:

  1. Immunization Data from Pharmacies: Address bi-directional immunization data exchange challenges between pharmacies and IIS. Launch a landscape analysis to understand interoperability challenges, then identify immunization-related capabilities for the IIP Testing & Recognition initiative for future testing of pharmacy market suppliers.
  2. Immunization Submissions Prior to the Assignment of a Legal Baby Name: Identify best practices and triggers for sending demographic update messages to the IIS once a legal name is assigned to a newborn.
  3. Triggers which Prompt Submission or Query Messages from EHRs to IIS: Develop and promote appropriate triggers for IIS queries and submissions to reduce burden on the IIS and support point of care and public health decision-making.

The IIP Executive Committee is co-chaired by Kristin Glaza, senior manager of product management at Oracle Cerner; and David McCormick, director of the immunization division at the Indiana State Department of Health.

A deeper look into the selected topics is expected to be addressed in future months. For more information about the IIP and its approach for addressing its priorities, visit IIP Collaborative.

CDC, HIMSS and the American Immunization Registry Association partner to lead the IIP under a multi-year cooperative agreement with the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.

Globally, vaccines save an estimated 2 million to 3 million lives every year. Being up to date on vaccinations leads to overall better health outcomes, higher levels of productivity and lower healthcare costs. Interoperability between EHR and IIS plays a critical role in helping clinicians effectively manage immunization efforts and administer vaccines to improve public health.

The Immunization Integration Program will host a Jan. 24 webinar on Tackling Immunization Interoperability Challenges.