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Carestream Introduces Affordable Digital-Ready HORIZON X-ray System

Carestream Health has launched its new affordable HORIZON X-ray System that offers high-quality imaging to help improve clinical outcomes and user-friendly features to help improve productivity. The budget-friendly system is designed especially for small-to-midsize imaging centers, orthopedic facilities, urgent care centers, and hospitals.

Delivering modern functionality in a compact, floor-mount design, the HORIZON X-ray System is Carestream’s most affordable X-ray imaging room. The intuitive and user-friendly manual analog system offers all the key functionality needed to help providers diagnose with confidence, provide exceptional patient care, and improve clinical outcomes. The system also provides an easy upgrade path to digital imaging to support a facility’s evolving radiology needs.

“The HORIZON system is an ideal solution for smaller healthcare facilities where ease of use, equipment reliability, low maintenance costs, and a low level of investment are essential,” said Marco Riolfo, Global Marketing Manager, Digital Radiography Rooms, at Carestream. “This is a new opportunity for cost-conscious facilities to get a reliable X-ray room with the high-quality imaging that Carestream is known for—at an affordable and practical price point.”  

The HORIZON X-ray System brings reliability, efficiency, and value to imaging teams. Its productivity-enhancing features include a floating tabletop that allows fast positioning and flexibility for all major exams. The system fits easily in small rooms and requires no additional ceiling support. It is also available without the table in a floor-mount configuration for chest X-rays or chiropractic imaging. Furthermore, the HORIZON system is easy to install and maintain, helping to lower the costs associated with imaging.

The HORIZON analog X-ray system is digital ready to keep up with a facility’s evolving radiology needs. Shifting to digital X-rays is a significant way to speed workflow, increase productivity, and support a higher standard of care. Yet, for smaller facilities, the cost of upgrading to digital can be a substantial barrier.

“HORIZON delivers affordable, quality imaging today and gives providers an easy path forward to gain the benefits of an advanced DR X-ray system,” said Mr. Riolfo.

The HORIZON X-ray System can be upgraded to digital workflow through Focus 35C and Focus 43C Detectors powered by Image Suite Software .