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Baxter Launches Digital Image Capture Capability for PanOptic Plus Ophthalmoscope

Baxter International, a provider of patient monitoring, physical assessment and vision screening products, announced the launch of digital image capture capability for eye exams using its existing Welch Allyn PanOptic Plus Ophthalmoscope. The iExaminer Pro System adds a key technology to routine eye exams, designed to help advance healthcare professionals’ ability to examine and diagnose the eye health of patients.

“Healthcare settings have never been more demanding, and clinicians need their tools to offer improved efficiency and accuracy that ultimately allows earlier care for patients,” said Jim O’Connell, president, Front Line Care, Baxter. “The iExaminer Pro System uses the latest tech, allowing providers to spend more time focusing on the thing that matters most – their patients.”

The PanOptic Plus Ophthalmoscope with iExaminer Pro System adds the ability to connect a smart device to capture images for further examination and enables clinicians to move quickly from an optical exam to adding digital image capture. When used with the iExaminer Pro App, clinicians can securely save and share eye images for tracking and trending and initiate more informed consultations with specialists.

“Examining the structure of the eyes is a critical part of assessing patient health,” said Julie Jakubowski, M.D., F.A.C.P., head of medical affairs, Front Line Care, Baxter. “The PanOptic Plus Ophthalmoscope with iExaminer Pro System helps to enable healthcare providers to catch issues early on in a primary care setting, easily collaborate with specialists, and facilitates patients getting the diagnosis, care and treatment they need in a timely manner.”

The iExaminer Pro System has been in use with Baxter’s Welch Allyn MacroView Plus Otoscope since 2021. The addition of digital image capture capability for eye exams represents the company’s continued commitment to using connected devices to help improve patient outcomes via routine physical exams. 

The PanOptic Plus and MacroView Plus tools offer clinicians bigger views compared to standard ophthalmoscopes and otoscopes, plus additional key features such as long-lasting LED lamps and DuraShock technology for durability.

The new offering is now available in the U.S. and will be showcased at the upcoming American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference & Exhibition (Oct. 20-24) and American Academy of Family Physicians Family Medicine Experience conference (Oct. 26-29). Find more information and the full range of product capabilities here.