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ScImage Announces Enterprise Cloud Install at Huntsville Memorial Hospital

ScImage, a provider of Cloud-centric enterprise imaging and reporting solutions, announces its partnership with Huntsville Memorial Hospital (HMH), a Community Hospital Corporation (CHC) affiliate. The rapidly deployed PICOM365 Cloud solution provides the Huntsville, Texas hospital enterprise imaging workflow for Cardiology including ECG, Radiology including 3D Tomo, and advanced Teleradiology for third party diagnostics.

Huntsville Memorial Hospital, providing quality healthcare services in Walker County, Texas and surrounding areas for over 90 years, was recently faced with a technology challenge when their medical imaging storage solutions were approaching their limits. Instead of employing the outdated strategy of adding more hardware, Huntsville Memorial Hospital recognized the benefits of moving to the Cloud to provide improved patient care and assure any imaging data was available anytime and anywhere their patients and providers required.

With a vision to find a single system that could support the entire enterprise and accommodate the unique image exchange requirements for in-house and remote diagnostic services, Huntsville Memorial partnered with ScImage to deploy PICOM365’s True Cloud solution, supported on the Microsoft Azure platform. 

This was no easy feat due to HMH’s expansive reach of imaging services, all of which were on siloed platforms with data stored in multiple systems and over seven clinical software platforms; however, with teams from both parties working in tandem, all modalities and users, internal and external, were working in PICOM365 Cloud in under 90 days.

“A project as extensive as the HMH roll-out of all imaging modalities is not for the faint of heart,” said Joe Ford, Vice President of Regional Information Technology, Community Hospital Corporation (Plano, Texas). “But, when you look at the future of healthcare technology, the Cloud is the only way to go.”

“Change of this magnitude is intimidating, especially when considering resource requirements, disruption and cost,” advised Mr. Ford, “ScImage’s True Cloud solution eliminated our multiple systems and support agreements, reduced the need for dedicated IT resources for after-hours calls and downtime, and provided the flexibility to quickly and easily add new acquisitions, workflows and modalities.”

Mr. Ford concluded, “I have no doubt that we would not have achieved success were it not for ScImage willing to be a partner and not just a vendor. I look forward to many years of continued partnership with ScImage providing Huntsville patients and their families with a technology that will assure quality healthcare services for years to come.”