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AvaSure Teams Up with CLEW Medical to Boost High-Acuity Care with AI-Driven Virtual Surveillance

AvaSure, a market leader in acute virtual care, and CLEW Medical, an AI-enabled clinical surveillance and predictive analytics company, announced their partnership to drive early detection of critical care patient deterioration, leading to more timely interventions, reduced complications, fewer readmissions, and decreased mortality.

“We are thrilled to enhance intensive care units using our virtual care platform by partnering with CLEW’s advanced clinical surveillance solution,” said Adam McMullin, Chief Executive Officer, AvaSure. “AvaSure is dedicated to fostering an open ecosystem for virtual care, ensuring customers can benefit from a single, integrated platform. We continue to add high-value partners so our customers can maximize their investment and deliver high-quality virtual care tailored to the needs of patients at different acuity levels.”

When hospitals partner with AvaSure, they invest in a platform that fosters a connected ecosystem, allowing for flexibility and adaptability to scale as their needs change.

“CLEW provides the first FDA-cleared predictive analytics solution that responsibly applies AI to advance high-acuity care and improve clinical outcomes for patients,” said Paul Roscoe, CEO, CLEW Medical. “CLEW prediction models have been proven to be five times more accurate, with 50 times fewer alarms, than other leading patient monitoring systems. The partnership between AvaSure and CLEW helps to elevate any virtual nursing assessment by providing the ability to easily validate clinical insights with real-time video analysis.”

The CLEW intelligent clinical surveillance platform enables decision support for complex clinical scenarios and allows providers to anticipate patient deterioration with remarkable accuracy. When deterioration is detected based on real-time patient physiology, the caregiver can validate alerts from CLEW using AvaSure’s virtual care platform, facilitating early intervention whenever a patient needs attention. This leads to improved clinical outcomes for the patient, reduced burden on caregivers, and operational efficiencies for the health system.

AvaSure and CLEW are at the forefront of healthcare technology innovation. Integrating AvaSure’s leading virtual care platform with CLEW’s cutting-edge, AI-driven clinical surveillance will benefit everyone in the healthcare ecosystem. By harnessing the power of both solutions, hospitals and health systems can improve patient safety, increase caregiver satisfaction, and enhance patient care across the enterprise.