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PreemptiveAI Emerges From Stealth With a Groundbreaking Biomedical Foundation Model For Health Prediction

PreemptiveAI, an innovative AI research and development company driven by a mission to extend human life and boasting multiple scientific breakthroughs, is thrilled to announce its emergence from stealth mode. Based in Seattle, WA and backed by an initial $6.4M in funding, the company is unveiling a revolutionary foundation model aimed at transforming health prediction and monitoring. This model leverages advanced signal processing to interpret biomedical signals from smartphones and wearable devices, offering unprecedented insights into human physiology.

Led by a trio of multidisciplinary founders—Jamien McCullum, Leon Gatys, and Matt Whitehill—the company draws on Gatys’s experience as a co-founder of Apple’s AI health division and Whitehill’s doctoral research in health sensors under the guidance of Shwetak Patel, a leader in on-device deep learning and health technologies. PreemptiveAI’s breakthroughs extend the capabilities of Photoplethysmography (PPG) signals, commonly used for measuring vital signs, to provide a deep window into the body’s physiological state. This innovative approach not only facilitates early disease detection but also has far-reaching implications for patient care, precision medicine, and drug development.

The company’s journey, supported by the Paul Allen AI Institute and leading investors like Inspired Capital, Meridian Street Capital, and Precursor Ventures, has led to a strategic partnership with Duke University. This collaboration aims to enhance the model’s predictive capabilities, particularly in predicting hospital readmissions and identifying rising health risks. Dr. Lana Wahid of Duke University, now Medical Director of Duke’s Early Phase Research Unit, praises PreemptiveAI for its potential to significantly improve healthcare outcomes and efficiency.

“PreemptiveAI represents a monumental leap forward in our pursuit of transformative healthcare. Their technology is the catalyst we’ve needed to shift paradigms, providing a clear route to enhance patient care, improve outcomes, and drive significant cost savings. PreemptiveAI is building the foundation for a new era in medical excellence, and I’m proud to collaborate towards that vision,” says Dr. Wahid. 

PreemptiveAI’s founding team, with their deep expertise in wearable sensing technology, digital health, and machine learning, is dedicated to advancing healthcare through AI-driven innovations. As PreemptiveAI prepares for further commercial deployments in 2024, it continues to strengthen its model through partnerships across various healthcare sectors. The company is poised to redefine health diagnosis and management, marking a new era in medical excellence and preemptive health care.