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Digital Health Integration: Economic Pathways Explored by DHAGE Advisory Group

Analyzing the economic impact of harnessing digital health in healthcare will be the focal theme of the sixth annual Digital Health Advisory Group for Europe (DHAGE) high-level meeting at the HIMSS24 European Health Conference and Exhibition, taking place 29-31 May in Rome.

Co-hosted by HIMSS, the Finnish Ministry for Social Affairs and Health and Shared Services for Ministry of Health, Portugal, DHAGE serves as a dynamic thought leadership platform for Europe’s influential decision-makers.

DHAGE enables countries and international organizations to uncover synergies and foster collaborations on digital health policies. It offers a platform to tackle complex issues within digital health, facilitating the discovery of common interests and the formation of alliances around essential digital health policies.

Initiated by HIMSS and the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, DHAGE extends the efforts of the HIMSS European Conference Advisory Council, focusing on creating policy topics of national relevance for its members. The Shared Services in Ministry of Health from Portugal, the new co-host of DHAGE, reinforce “the value of DHAGE for European countries as a diverse group to align all stakeholders on a shared vision for Digital Health.”

The 2024 high-level meeting, titled Harnessing Digital Health: Analyzing Economic Impact in Healthcare Systems, will bring together top policymakers and experts to discuss the significant economic impact of digital health solutions’ integration into healthcare systems. Through two round-table discussions, participants will examine essential aspects of financial frameworks and funding, as well as the impact assessment on the health system.

DHAGE members will identify practical strategies for enhancing digital health integration, drawing on expert analysis and debate during the meeting to shape the healthcare landscape’s economic dynamics.

The meeting aims to deliver policy insights and recommendations on the economics of integrating digital health into healthcare, as well as on providing the evidence on the economic case.

The outcomes of the 2024 high-level meeting will be presented at a public session, Digital Transformation: Assessing the Financial and Economic Enablers and Impacts, the following day, on 30  May.  A policy report outlining key policy suggestions will be prepared post-meeting to assist decision-makers and stakeholders in improving digital health integration within healthcare systems, with the participation of the European Observatory for Health Systems and Policies and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

By leveraging the knowledge, experiences and insights of DHAGE members, the group is dedicated to advancing the digital health landscape to ensure a more efficient, effective, and technologically empowered healthcare future for Europe.