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2018 Best Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) – HIT Leaders Awards

HIT Lists graphic image.Our staff polled clinicians on today’s most effective picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) solutions to determine which product/service line yields the most effective results from their day-to-day use. We asked about hardware imaging machines; secure networks for the distribution and exchange of patient images; workstations or mobile devices for viewing, processing and interpreting images; and electronic archives for storing and retrieving images and related documentation and reports; and cost. We surveyed 21 separate solutions. Below are the top 10 HIT Leaders for 2018.

  1.  @INFINITThealth
  2.  @Intelerad
  3. @SectraNews
  4.  @MergeHealthcare
  5.  @Carestream
  6.  @NovaradCorp
  7.  @FujifilmHealth
  8. @AgfaHealthCare
  9.  @PhilipsHealth
  10.  @GEHealthcare