Zebra Technologies’ wireless solutions help Reggio Emilia Hospital staff improve patient care and reduce costs

USL di Reggio Emilia, the Regional Health Service office for the Italian province of Reggio Emilia, has implemented Zebra Technologies wireless solutions throughout the hospital. The Wireless Network Solution (WNS) provided by Zebra has allowed staff to access patients’ medical records securely and in real time via mobile computers, contributing to improved patient care with records available at all times. Zebra also provides employee and guest Wi-Fi access and enables hospital staff to make calls with Voice Over Wireless Local Area Network (VoWLAN), which has significantly reduced costs associated with calls at the hospital.

USL Reggio Emilia’s legacy WLAN infrastructure was plagued by outages, bottlenecks and latency issues as it struggled to cope with the increasing number of high-bandwidth applications and users accessing networks with personal devices. As medical teams tried to access and download patient data via their mobile computers, poor wireless coverage resulted in inconsistent real-time availability of patient records including state, medication or special patient needs. Staff also faced challenges uploading information on medication taken, leading to frustrating delays that could seriously impact patient care. It also resulted in an increased workload for already overstretched medical personnel, who had to save critical patient data to the centralised server at the end of a shift. 

Following the successful implementation of Zebra’s wireless solutions, USL Reggio Emilia has seen improved patient care, with real-time medical records available around the clock on a highly secure network with essential view data protection. Medical staff can now work more productively and efficiently with a reliable, robust wireless signal throughout hospital premises, irrespective of network usage. Staff also benefitted from the simple installation and centralised management of the solutions, and the complete network visibility offered with advanced analysis resulted in faster troubleshooting.

Key facts

  • The Zebra system, designed and supplied to USL Reggio Emilia through its partner Mead Informatica, is extremely scalable and helps ensure security and the highest levels of access and data exchange.
  • USL Reggio Emilia implemented Zebra’s WNS which includes multipurpose and modular access points, a centralised command centre and an AirDefense Services Platform.
  • The AirDefense Services Platform ensures USL Reggio Emilia full control over the workflows, with non-stop network monitoring and new analytical information in the form of detailed reports, updated in real time. With the new system, all status information can be displayed through a centralized dashboard, with provisioning capabilities that allow proactive intervention modes in the case of errors. The centralized WLAN management and new control modes implemented through a customized dashboard are based on the AirDefense Services Platform.
  • USL Reggio Emilia’s new Wi-Fi system works with high-performing AP 6522 access points alongside AP 8132s with MOD 8132 sensor module internal antennas. The access points immediately ensured a strong, reliable wireless signal throughout the site, despite the numerous buildings involved and potential for interference from medical equipment.
  • The AirDefense Wireless IPS sensors plugged in to the AP 8132s sent further information to the AirDefense Services Platform to ensure absolute security of the network.
  • Zebra’s AirDefense allows advanced control over wireless security and WLAN infrastructure management, which fully meets the USL Reggio Emilia’s needs in terms of monitoring its wireless network. It features remote connectivity troubleshooting and provides a reliable, risk-free wireless network.

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